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Audio fuses, power cords, power strips, plugs, adapters, jacks, active power devices

The use of high-quality components in the power supply is indispensable for a quiet, homogeneous, wide-ranging, deep sound image of your hi-fi system. This is the only way to ensure loss and interference-free transmission of the current before and within the hi-fi system, which reacts sensitively to fluctuations in the power supply.

Interesting HiFi products

Phonosophie Referenz Sicherungshalter - NEOZET
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280.00 € / 1 Stück
Phonosophie Referenz Fuse Holder
Furutech FP-SWS (G) Wandsteckdose Kunststoff Gold
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Furutech FP-SWS (G) Wandsteckdose Kunststoff Gold


Power cord

High-quality power strips and power cords are probably the most important components of your hi-fi system. For a long time now, your sound improving properties are undisputed and should be part of every high-quality hi-fi system.

Power cord sold by Meter

This catalogue offers you power cords as yard goods from the reel in different cross-sections for the most different requirements on the power supply of your HiFi devices. The HiFi power cables come from Furutech, Oyaide, in-akustik, ViaBlue or the tuning specialist HiFi-Tuning from Berlin.

Audio Fuses

By replacing the conventional fuses in your HiFi system with the fuses specially developed for HiFi devices, it is possible to further optimize the current flow within your HiFi components and to improve the sound. The audiophile fuses offered in this catalogue are probably among the most effective tuning measures on the hi-fi market. The sound gain through the use of a HiFi micro fuse is really enormous.

Power Supplies

The high-end transformer power supplies offered here are designed to provide optimum power supply for components - not only from the HiFi sector - which are supplied with a conventional switching power supply at the factory.

The power supplies offered here work with a toroidal transformer to provide the necessary DC voltages. These HiFi power supplies thus serve as a sound-optimizing replacement for the numerous sound-damaging switching power supplies available in the household. The use of one of these high-quality transformer power supplies reduces the emission of electrosmog (dirty power), as produced by all switching power supplies, to a minimum. A transformer power supply of this type is therefore indispensable in terms of sound quality. The result is an audibly more natural sound.

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Contact Care

Plug-in contacts with their dreaded transition resistances are the sound killer in every hi-fi system. Despite the large number of them in every hi-fi system, their maintenance is still a stepchild. In order to eliminate the resulting loss of sound, there are now special care products for cleaning HiFi contacts, which refresh and even optimise the contact surface to ensure maximum conductivity and thus sound.

Power distributor

Hi-Fi power strips, power distribution boards, mains filters and voltage stabilizers for optimizing the power supply of your Hi-Fi system. In this HiFi catalogue you will find interference suppression products from audioplan, Fisch Audiotechnik, Furutech, HMS, ISOL-8, Isotek, in-akustik, Monster Cable, Oehlbach Silentwire, T+A, Vincent and HiFi-Tuning Berlin.

Wall sockets

HiFi sockets for audio and video are the basis of a perfect stereo or home cinema system. Only with such an audiophile socket is it possible to achieve the optimum in picture and sound.

We offer Schuko sockets for audio and video from the following manufacturers: HMS, Furutech, Oyaide, inakustik, Silent Wire.

Power Filter (parallel, passiv)

Mains filters operating in parallel to the circuit for interference suppression of the stereo system. These HiFi line filters are ideal for "first aid" to suppress disturbances in the home power supply system. The mains filters, which are optimized for HiFi devices, are simply plugged into the mains socket near the source of interference (if possible, the same phase). Sources of interference in the household are energy-saving lamps, computers, refrigerators, microwaves, mobile phones, etc.

Power Filter (passiv, Rack width)

Power distribution systems with filtering (mains filter) of the power supply to your stereo system or your home chinno system are nowadays essential for perfect picture and sound reproduction. As our own tests in the HiFi studio have shown, interference suppression of the power supply with a special HiFi mains filter is the basis for optimum picture and sound quality for home cinema systems and high-end audio equipment. Particularly recommendable for source devices are special sinusoidal wave generators, which completely regenerate the mains sinusoid and thus provide the perfect power supply.

Plugs, Sockets, Adapters

You would like to assemble your HiFi power cable yourself? Perfect! Here you will find the suitable plugs for power cables (EU protective contact, IEC C7, IEC C15, IEC C19) from manufacturers such as Furutech, Oyaide, IsoTek, HMS Elektronik, IeGo, HiFi-Tuning and Silent Wire. The available mains plugs are also ideal for upgrading and optimizing existing mains cables. We recommend that you use WBT ferrules for the stripped ends of your HiFi power cable when assembling it. This prevents damage to the sensitive strands of the power cable and prevents corrosion of the copper or silver strands, which ensures a connection that is as permanent as possible without loss.

Tuning Set Angebote

In diesem Katalog haben wir für Sie interessante Komplettsets zum Tuning Ihrer HiFi-Anlage zusammengestellt.