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inakustik Ambientech (Cable Accessories)

inakustik Ambientech

AmbienTech - the room concept from in-akustik for interior design consisting of AmbienTrack (design cable duct), AmbienArt (lighting design) and AmbienTone.

Here you can download the complete catalogue (approx. 13 MB) download:Ambientech Gesamtkatalog (07-2015)

So please choose your required items from the inakustik Ambientech catalogue and send us an e-mail with the list of items, because we have not listed all items in the web shop.


inakustik AmbienTone

AmbienTone is the stylish way to hide high-quality speaker technology. AmbienTon are flat diaphragm loudspeakers for easy pre-wall mounting. The loudspeaker panels are simply let into the drywall and the joint is plastered. The loudspeakers simply disappear into the drywall made of gypsum board. Also suitable for mounting in damp rooms.

The range is supplemented by built-in loudspeakers for ceiling and wall.

inakustik AmbienTrack

inakustik AmbienTrack offers elegant skirting boards (design aluminium cable trunking), wall and corner columns made of aluminium with covers in aluminium or stainless steel look. This design cable duct for modern surface-mounted wiring can also be ordered with LED lighting.

Here you can download the in-akustik ambientech main catalogue (approx. 13 MB): Ambientech Gesamtkatalog (07-2015). Since not all Ambietech articles are listed in the shop, please send us an e-mail with the required article list. How to order then these articles for you.

inakustik AmbienArt

With inakustik AmbienArt - the lighting system for your AmbienTrack cab channel - you can set your living ambience in scene depending on the mood.