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The company Vortex HiFi was founded by Norbert Maurer. It can probably be described as a pioneer in the field of research into the effects of AF and RF radiation on the human body and its auditory sensations. No matter how perfect a system is electro-acoustic, the quality of the listening experience is inevitably linked to the quality of the interpretation of the acoustic data via the human nervous system.

As a result of this long-term research and development work, new HiFi tuning products have been developed, which make use of the latest scientific and alternative medical findings. Without this innovative tuning accessory to minimize the ubiquitous NF and HF radiation and its effects, Norbert Maurer believes that it is no longer possible to create a livable and natural listening experience in today's domestic environment. The reason for this lies in the negative influence of NF and HF radiation on the nervous system of our body.


Vortex HiFi Diamond Products - Green Series

The Vortex HiFi Diamond products (green series) are unique in their effect on interference suppression of HiFi systems and other electrical components. As a result of the more than 50 different pieces of information applied, their sound-optimizing influence is significantly greater than with the already outstanding Vortex HiFi products from the standard series. Try it out - you will be amazed at the sound potential of your hi-fi system.

Vortex HiFi high frequency interference suppression

High-frequency radiation (HF) from mobile phone networks, DECT telephones, switching power supplies or WLAN etc. are today among the everyday high-frequency sources of interference for our well-being. Often affected persons do not know that their symptoms such as headaches, ringing in the ears, discomfort etc. are caused by such radiation. You cannot see them.

Therefore the specialist for interference suppression products Mr. Norbert Maurer of Vortex HiFi has taken up this problem and developed new products based on the Vortex HiFi Oscillation Alignment (OA) technology. This new OA technology uses the negative RF radiation for the human organism to actively distribute the positive information of the Oscillation Alignment technology in the immediate environment (approx. 20m). This "trick" makes HF radiation tolerable for our body.


Increase your well-being with Vortex products to inform your drinking water. Use the OACard for the interference suppression of your mobile phone (Smartphone) and WLAN. Or suppress your power supply at home by using the Vortex Poweroptimizer. By using all these components you can create your own oasis of well-being at home.

Vortex HiFi RCA cable

Vortex audio cables are the shooting star of the hi-fi cable scene with their unique Ground Optimizer technology. Due to the completely new approach in cable development, they are superior to most RCA cables in terms of sound quality.

Vortex HiFi Gerätefüße

Vortex HiFi equipment stands are fundamentally different from all other stands on the market. Read the 10 basic advantages over all other feet:
  • Vortex HiFi device feet are different - they are based on environmental medical, biological findings.
  • They do not try to make the devices vibrate less, but more naturally.
  • For this purpose, the feet use a 3-position stand, which avoids interference between the feet due to differently coupled feet.
  • The feet use the same technology used in ultrasonic analysis of workpieces - impedance matching by sapphires - for perfect coupling between the foot and the floor.
  • Resonances are prevented by a naturally grown, special maple block, but also by targeted small and large holes.
  • Due to the vibration-optimized application of 5mm felt feet, the influence of the ground was largely avoided and the wooden block was not deprived of its natural vibration, as no surface is completely exposed.
  • Selected woods and individual processing of the individual vibrating bodies (wooden blanks) by hand allow to get the maximum sound out of each work piece.
  • The wooden construction made of selected woods does not generate eddy currents, nor does it deform the magnetic or electrical field of the devices.
  • The optimized height of the feet allows a clearly minimized field strength, with which the device fields penetrate into the rack floor and thus the feet reduce the formation of potentially harmful eddies of sound.
  • With the Vortex HiFi's own stress and interference suppression information system, you are able to enjoy a stress-free listening experience that is unique.

Vortex HiFi Power Optimizer

POWER OPTIMIZER with bioligically optimized bandwidth (BOB) for a healthier room climate. BOB means that these filters eliminate disturbances above 4000 Hz up to the GHz range as far as possible from the mains supply at home and thus relieve stress on our human nervous system.

Vortex HiFi A.I.O. Produkte

The Vortex HiFi A. I. O. Products work with the concept of information originating in medicine. Here a Vortex HiFi own revolutionary all-in-one concept is used. In addition to all-in-one information, a new type of bipolar field is applied to a semi-precious stone. This field is able to distribute the information and thus increase the effect extraordinarily.

They are used to reduce interference fields without damaging filters, without any acoustic interference or signal changes. Its effect against harmful potential vortices, also helps to relieve stress in humans and serves to intensify the effect of interference suppression and stress reduction.

Vortex HiFi Ground Optimizer

The Vortex HiFi Ground Optimizers eliminate the cause number 1 for bad sound, the disturbances on the equipment masses. For this purpose, Vortex has now developed special cables, device plugs and interference suppressors to eliminate these symptoms on your hi-fi system.

Vortex HiFi Nano Shield Plugs

Terminating and shielding plugs - The unique Vortex HiFi HiFi Nano Shield technology for the first time provides true protection against sound attenuation through open interfaces.

Vortex 2D interference suppression chips

The Vortex HiFi Chips work with the medical technology, information technology. Information is the basic principle of homeopathic medicine. A material receives a special structural (information) that allows both physical and biological processes to take place naturally again - such as hearing, for example.

The Vortex HiFi Chips use a unique 2D technology from PHONOSOPHIE under license. This PHONOSOPHY 2D technology, tried and tested a thousand times over, is the best available on the market and gives the Vortex HiFi 2D interference suppression chips a unique price/performance ratio.

Vortex HiFi power cable

  • The theoretical approach of these power cables is different. We want to avoid disturbances of the music sensation.
  • The technical goals we want to achieve are therefore different. We want to prevent the emission of dirty power effects. This means that we reduce the otherwise usual, measurable nerve disturbances caused by radiated fields of the cables.
  • The techniques used are different and in most cases unique. We shield perfectly (Nano Shield). We inform our cables (A. I. O.) information), P. I. Technology - Technology
  • The measurement methods used are different. In addition to cable-related measurements, we perform 3D magnetic field and 3D E-field measurements and use a special ECG (HRV measurements) to measure the stress exerted by the cables.
  • The musician's life with our cables is unique - just like live! minimal stress (measured with an HRV-ECG) and thus maximum sound sensation.

Vortex HiFi Speaker Cable

Vortex loudspeaker cables are probably currently among the best of their kind. The theoretical approach of these speaker cables is fundamentally different. We want to avoid disturbances of the music sensation.

The technical objectives we want to achieve are therefore completely different. We want to prevent the emission of dirty power effects. This means that we reduce the otherwise usual, measurable nerve disturbances caused by radiated fields of the cables.

The techniques used are different and in most cases unique. We conduct perfectly with waveguides (Dual Connection). We shield perfectly (Nano Shield, Distortion Field Absorber). We inform our cables (A. I. O. information)