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Dali loudspeakers from Denmark convince not only by their very good price/performance ratio and a modern design, but above all by their excellent sound and the high-quality workmanship. All DALI Loudspeakers available here in the HiFi Shop offer the technically feasible sound and quality in every price range. This has been proven in numerous tests and listening comparisons in our HiFi studio by the Hifi loudspeakers of the Dali series Zensor, Opticon, Fazon, Rubicon and Epicon and we therefore recommend to buy them. So order one of Dali's numerous test winners for your stereo or home cinema system today.


Dali Oberon

Dali Oberon loudspeakers are the new high-flyers in the entry-level range. The Dali Oberon compact and floorstanding loudspeakers convince both with first-class music reproduction and high-quality workmanship at an outstanding price/performance ratio in the price range up to 1000 EUR.

The OBERON models are the first loudspeaker series in the entry-level class to feature DALI's patented SMC technology, which drastically reduces distortions occurring in the magnetic drive - so you hear your favourite music in an unprecedented sound quality. With their new large tweeters, very wide-angle wood fibre diaphragms and high-quality enclosures, DALI's OBERON series unquestionably sets new standards in the segment of affordable audiophile loudspeakers.

Dali Opticon MKII

The OPTICON MK2 speaker range majors on clear, undistorted, enjoyable and coherent audio - perfectly complementing music, radio, streaming, TV or movie sources. The speaker series caters to every requirement - offering a speaker for every room and every occasion. Comprising six models ranging from a compact on-wall speaker to a towering floorstander.

Dali Rubicon

DALI RUBICON – die audiophile Lautsprecherserie in der Oberklasse - Modernste Dali exklusive Chassis-Technologien garantieren hier eine fantastische Klangqualität, die Musikliebhaber und Heimkino-Fans gleichermaßen begeistert.

Dali Epicon

Die Referenz-Lautsprecher von Dali hören auf den Namen EPICON. Sie sind mit revolutionärer Chassis-Technologie ausgestattet und überzeugen mit einem einzigartigem HiFi-Klang und einer Verarbeitungsqualität die ihres Gleichen sucht.

Die Dali EPICON Lautsprecher zeichnen sich durch unglaubliche Dynamik und zugleich feinsinnige Wiedergabe aus. Sie zählen damit aktuell definitiv zum Besten, was der Lautsprechermarkt zurzeit weltweit zu bieten hat.

Doch genug der Worte - überzeugen Sie sich selbst vom Klang dieser High-End Lautsprecher in unserem HiFi-Studio in Zwickau.

DALI PHANTOM install speakers

Dali PHANTOM is the suffix for all built-in DALI speakers and related install accessories. If In-Wall/-Ceiling or On-Wall is your preferred speaker setup, DALI is able to cover almost any need you may have.

The DALI PHANTOM series is the natural choice when seeking a true Hi-FI install audio experience. These In-wall and In-Ceiling optimised series are built around many of the traditional speaker design virtues and based upon DALI’s low-loss technologies.

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