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Dynaudio loudspeakers stand for pure musical enjoyment. You almost get the feeling that the Danes generally have an excellent audiophile hand for the development of high-quality HiFi loudspeakers for the audio market. Dynaudio is not the only manufacturer of High End Hi-Fi electronics and loudspeaker technology from beautiful Denmark.

This is also reflected in Dynaudio's HiFi history, which has been shaping the development of high-end loudspeakers systems for home audio and professional studio applications for over 35 years. Dynaudio loudspeakers don't sound like many other hi-fi loudspeakers, so they want to impress the listener at first listening. During a longer listening session, however, you will quickly notice that only showmanship was practiced here. A Dynaudio loudspeaker sounds restrained at first glance, but if you listen for a longer period of time, it becomes clear that the loudspeakers will produce a natural and harmonious sound. It is simply a very homogeneous sound, which can provide the necessary calm but also grab hold of rock music. In short, the sound of a Dynaudio speaker has what it takes to captivate the listener.

But Dynaudio is not only world class when it comes to building passive loudspeakers. The new Dynaudio active loudspeakers of the Focus XD series have recently been added to the range. The Dynaudio Focus XD active loudspeakers immediately caused a sensation in numerous reviews of the HiFi trade press with their audiophile sound qualities. Really Dynaudio.

So why not take a look at Dynaudio's XEO, Exite, Focus, Contour and Confidence loudspeaker ranges? Also available for a Dynaudio loudspeaker demonstration in our HiFi-Studio - the HiFi-Lounge in Zwickau.


Dynaudio Confidence

Die Dynaudio Confidence Serie überzeugt nicht nur mit High-End Klang, sondern auch durch ihr unkritisches Aufstellungsverhalten. So kann selbst die C2 in kleineren Räumen zum Einsatz kommen, da die Abstrahlcharakteristik der Hochtonkalotten dies ermöglicht.

Dynaudio Focus

Die Dynaudio Focus Lautsprecher Serie wurde komplett überarbeitet und überzeugt mehr als je zuvor.
Ein neuer Soft-Hochtöner und neu entwickelte Mittel- und Tieftöner sind nur einige Details der neuen Focus Serie.

Dynaudio Xeo

Dynaudio XEO Lautsprecher sind die innovativen High-End Aktiv-Funklautsprecher aus Dänemark für den ambitionierten HiFi-Fan, der seine HiFi-Anlage kabellos (ohne Lautsprecherkabel) aufbauen möchte.