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    PHONOSOPHIE stands like no other company in the hi-fi industry for equipment and room tuning at the highest level. The Hamburg-based company Phonosophie with Ingo Hansen as head and pioneer, has only one goal with its innovative products: to play music as if you were there live. And this should be taken literally, because the consistent use of phonoscopy products (e. g. terminating plugs, First Step termination caps , Phonosophie Aktivator Glaschip ) on your existing stereo system automatically makes your feet bounce when listening to music. You will hardly believe the potential your stereo system will develop with the PHONOSOPHIE activator products. Phonosophy's approach is quite simple: elimination of interfering, mutually influencing electromagnetic fields using the activator technology of PHONOSOPHIE. If you are looking for an article of Phonosophie from Hamburg in our HiFi Shop not listed, please contact us. We will order it for you.

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