Phonosophie Aktivator Technic


PHONOSOPHIE stands like no other company in the hi-fi industry for equipment and room tuning at the highest level. The Hamburg-based company Phonosophie with Ingo Hansen as head and pioneer, has only one goal with its innovative products: to play music as if you were there live. And this should be taken literally, because the consistent use of phonoscopy products (e. g. terminating plugs, First Step termination caps , Phonosophie Aktivator Glaschip ) on your existing stereo system automatically makes your feet bounce when listening to music. You will hardly believe the potential your stereo system will develop with the PHONOSOPHIE activator products. Phonosophy's approach is quite simple: elimination of interfering, mutually influencing electromagnetic fields using the activator technology of PHONOSOPHIE. If you are looking for an article of Phonosophie from Hamburg in our HiFi Shop not listed, please contact us. We will order it for you.


Pioneer by Phonosophie

Die akustische Kompetenz von Pioneer in den Bereichen Stereoanlagen und Heimkino ist seit Jahren unbestritten. Was lag da also näher, als diese exzellenten Komponenten aus dem Stereo- und AV-Receiver Bereich als Basis für eine neue Phonosophie Geräteserie zu nutzen. Ingo Hansen und sein Team haben es geschafft, mit speziell für jedes Gerät ausgearbeiteten Tuningkits auf Basis der Phonosophie eigenen Aktivatortechnik das klangliche Leistungsvermögen dieser HiFi Geräte um ein vielfaches zu steigen. Was die Aktivatortechnik zur Minderung von Elektrosmog zu leisten vermag, habe ich bereits vielfach in zahlreichen Tests erfahren können. So auch bei dieser brandneuen Phonosophie HiFi Geräteserie. Kurz gesagt, wer auf allerhöchstem Niveau audiophil Musik und Filme genießen möchte, der kommt um die von Phonosophie getunten Pioneer HiFi Geräte nicht herum.

Phonosophie Activators

The Phonosophie Activator glass chips for interference suppression of the components of your stereo system are probably the most universal, effective and effective products from Ingo Hansen's product range. Through the targeted use of the Phonosophie activator technology equipped glass chips on the housing of your HiFi loudspeakers, the amplifier, the CD player and the glass panes in your listening room (also in the car), you will raise your stereo/home cinema system to a significantly higher level. Please use our customer phone to find out how and where to use the Phonosophie glass chips, the basalt plate or the pyramids in the best possible way, because there is a lot to consider.

Phonosophy fuses + Power Supply

An optimal power supply is essential for achieving an audiophile sound level in your stereo system. Only your loudspeakers turn the current flowing through your music system into an acoustic wave. This means that the power that flows from the switch cabinet to the wall socket, the power strip and the power cord to the CD player, and then continues to shimmy over the D/A converter to the amplifier and then to your loudspeaker cabinets, is the lifeblood of these hi-fi devices. If this elixir is contaminated with high-frequency interference (electrosmog) or if unnecessary stones are placed in the way of the current in the form of transition resistances, these devices will not be able to develop their full musical potential.

This is why Phonoscopy offers you the possibility to use its products treated with activator technology to suppress the interference of this chain for the power supply of your stereo/home cinema system completely with high-quality products and thus to optimize it.

Phonosophie accessories

The Phonosophie terminating plugs and caps available in this catalogue are the secret weapon for bringing the hi-fi components of your music system, such as CD players, high-end amplifiers or streamers, to an unprecedentedly high sound level. The informed First Step end caps or activated terminating plugs ensure that unused analog and digital inputs/outputs are "cleanly" terminated and effectively protected against high-frequency radiation and stray electrosmog.

In addition, you should use Phonosophie's excellent audio cables and speaker cables. These cables are quite inexpensive compared to other high-end HiFi cables, but their sound strength is impressive. You won't recognize your stereo. As an icing on the cake, I recommend the very effective CD cleaning spray Phonosophie Aktivator CD Flux for tuning CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs.

Phonosophie New Living

With Phonosophie New Living, the focus is not on the suppression and reduction of electrosmog in electrical devices, but the protection of the human being itself from the radiation emitted by electrical devices.

For this purpose, Phonosophie in cooperation with Mr. Norbert Maurer of Vortex HiFi developed the Phonosophie New Living concept. This includes products that people wear on their own bodies or place in their immediate surroundings. For example, the very effective Phonosophie New Living Donut - an energy near field of rock crystal that is worn directly on a necklace on the body and on which special information of various precious and semi-precious stones has been permanently applied to relieve stress on the human nervous system. This product range is constantly being supplemented by the numerous other innovative Phonosophie NL products, which ensure more well-being in everyday life.