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Ein perfekter HiFi Lautsprecher muß mit dem Hörraum harmonieren, um den perfekten Stereo- bzw. Heimkino-Sound zu erzielen. Doch welche HiFi Lautsprecher sind die Richtigen an Ihrer Stereo-Anlage? Unser Angebot im Shop umfasst zahlreiche Standlautsprecher, Funklautsprecher und Kompaktboxen. Aber vielleicht sind auch Aktiv-, Bluetooth- oder WLAN Lautsprecher optimal für Ihre Anforderungen? Die Preise variieren sehr - aber keine Bange - wir helfen Ihnen bei der Auswahl der richtigen Heimkino- oder Stereo-Lautsprecher in unserem Shop, damit sie genau zu Ihren Hörgewohnheiten passen. Damit helfen wir Ihnen, bei der Suche nach dem passenden Setup für Ihre High-End Stereo-Anlage, Ihr Heimkino-System oder Ihrer Multi-Room-HiFi-Anlage. Übrigens haben wir auch ein großes Angebot an Kabeln und Zubehör für Ihre Lautsprecher in unserem HiFi Shop.



Multi-room audio made easy - with HiFi components from BlueSound.
BlueSound offers you with its active speakers similar to Sonos the possibility to transfer the music to your compact stereo system with Bluetooth or LAN/WLAN. At the same time you can control the music playback of your BlueSound HiFi speakers comfortably with your smartphone via the BlueSound app.

In addition to the active speakers, BlueSound offers LAN-capable preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers and audio servers. With these devices you can easily make your existing HiFi system multimedia-capable and stream music from the Internet via Tidal, Spotyfy or similar streaming services or the home network and play it back through your stereo system.

Bluesound stands for the promise of providing high-fidelity audio wirelessly and digitally in perfect quality throughout the house (multiroom). Bluesound was founded from an alliance of designers, engineers and individuals who have spent their lives in the music industry and are satisfied with nothing less than perfection.

Many of Bluesound's employees come from the world-renowned company NAD, which did considerable hi-fi pioneering work in the 1970's for high quality stereo systems. And these people continue to work tirelessly to develop innovative technologies for faithful music reproduction. Bluesound is not just another computer company - Bluesound is sound and music enjoyment paired with ease of use.

Speaker chassis

Loudspeaker chassis for self-assembly of HiFi loudspeakers (tweeters, mid-range speakers, woofers, etc.).
In our loudspeaker-house you get: Broadband loudspeaker chassis, woofers, mid-range woofers, cone mid-range speakers, middle-tone dents, mid-range horns, high-frequency tweeters, high-frequency dome tweeters, high-frequency horns.

jarre Technologies

jarre Technologies lässt Lautsprecher zu Designobjekten avancieren. Ob als Wireless-Lautsprecher oder Dockingstation - die Audio-Objekte des Musikers Jean Michel Jarre sind bereits jetzt echte Kultobjekte.


Devialet active speakers not only impress with their modern, extravagant design. They also offer a lot of sound fun. Whether in the living room, office or leisure - with Devialet speakers you can always enjoy music at the highest level.

Wireless Speakers

Bluetooth loudspeakers for underway or WLAN loudspeakers for wireless music enjoyment at home are very trendy. They make us independent of sockets and speaker cables. And the sound quality of these wireless speakers has also reached an excellent level, so that you can also listen to music on the move in first-class wireless quality.

In addition to very good sound, customers are increasingly focusing on the design and functionality of wireless speakers. Nowadays Bluetooth speakers are not only something for young people but are also becoming more and more popular in the professional and semi-professional entertainment sector. Whether at private parties or corporate events - wireless speakers are becoming more and more popular, as their use is not limited to one location.

Acoustic Energy

Acoustic Energy has been producing world-class hi-fi speakers for over 30 years. Acoustic Energy's loudspeakers are based on the exacting demands for precision, attention to detail and user-friendliness demanded in the recording studio to produce music as authentically and naturally as possible.

The vast experience in the development of loudspeakers, the engineers passionately contribute to every level and every type of Acoustic Energy product. The company has received awards and commendations for its products worldwide, and the continuous innovation in materials and technology has also been recognized many times over.

Acoustic Energy loudspeakers offer the HiFi fan pure sound with pure fascination and timelessly elegant design - all at an attractive price!

Boston acoustics Loudspeaker

Boston acoustics stellt elegante Hochleistungsprodukte wie Regal-, Standlautsprecher und aktive Subwoofer her. Entwickelt werden die Boston Lautsprecher mit Liebe zum Detail für natürlichen Klang und eine perfekte Optik.

Dali Loudspeaker

Dali loudspeakers from Denmark convince not only by their very good price/performance ratio and a modern design, but above all by their excellent sound and the high-quality workmanship. All DALI Loudspeakers available here in the HiFi Shop offer the technically feasible sound and quality in every price range. This has been proven in numerous tests and listening comparisons in our HiFi studio by the Hifi loudspeakers of the Dali series Zensor, Opticon, Fazon, Rubicon and Epicon and we therefore recommend to buy them. So order one of Dali's numerous test winners for your stereo or home cinema system today.

Dynaudio Loudspeaker

Dynaudio loudspeakers stand for pure musical enjoyment. You almost get the feeling that the Danes generally have an excellent audiophile hand for the development of high-quality HiFi loudspeakers for the audio market. Dynaudio is not the only manufacturer of High End Hi-Fi electronics and loudspeaker technology from beautiful Denmark.

This is also reflected in Dynaudio's HiFi history, which has been shaping the development of high-end loudspeakers systems for home audio and professional studio applications for over 35 years. Dynaudio loudspeakers don't sound like many other hi-fi loudspeakers, so they want to impress the listener at first listening. During a longer listening session, however, you will quickly notice that only showmanship was practiced here. A Dynaudio loudspeaker sounds restrained at first glance, but if you listen for a longer period of time, it becomes clear that the loudspeakers will produce a natural and harmonious sound. It is simply a very homogeneous sound, which can provide the necessary calm but also grab hold of rock music. In short, the sound of a Dynaudio speaker has what it takes to captivate the listener.

But Dynaudio is not only world class when it comes to building passive loudspeakers. The new Dynaudio active loudspeakers of the Focus XD series have recently been added to the range. The Dynaudio Focus XD active loudspeakers immediately caused a sensation in numerous reviews of the HiFi trade press with their audiophile sound qualities. Really Dynaudio.

So why not take a look at Dynaudio's XEO, Exite, Focus, Contour and Confidence loudspeaker ranges? Also available for a Dynaudio loudspeaker demonstration in our HiFi-Studio - the HiFi-Lounge in Zwickau.

Fyne Audio

The seven-person team at Scottish loudspeaker manufacturer FYNE AUDIO brings a combined 200 years of experience in the audio industry to the table.

Further, efforts are underway to attract new talent to the company. What is needed here are collaborative experts who will work with passion and creative ability to design and manufacture an exceptional line of high-performance loudspeakers.

FYNE AUDIO's development department is based in Scotland. The men behind FYNE AUDIO have been working together for more than ten years, some even longer. We expect new and groundbreaking findings in the future as well, realized with state-of-the-art technology, as they have been used to since the company was founded.

KEF Loudspeaker

KEF loudspeakers offer pure hi-fi enjoyment. In our KEF hi-fi loudspeaker shop you will find a small selection of high-quality KEF wireless loudspeakers.

Piega Loudspeaker

Piega loudspeakers with their legendary hand-made coax ribbon for the midrange/high frequency range stand for HiFi Made in Switzerland like no other loudspeaker in the Alps. We as Piega dealers in Germany appreciate the Piega virtues: Top design, perfect sound and finest workmanship for many years. Whether Piega TMicro, Piega Classic, Piega Premium or Piega Coax - a Piega loudspeaker is something very unique. Most of the loudspeakers are handmade in Horgen using the very best technical ingredients - and you can hear and feel that.

The Piega price list starts at approx. 1000 EUR for a pair of TMicro 40 loudspeakers and almost reaches the 40000 EUR mark in the audiophile range for a pair of Piega Master One.

Revox Loudspeaker

Revox loudspeakers combine elegant design with excellent sound. Revox loudspeakers offer a fair price/performance ratio. The sound of a Revox HiFi speaker is pleasant and unobtrusive.

T+A Loudspeakers

T+A Lautsprecher stehen für puren HiFi-Sound und perfekte Verarbeitung. Hier im Katalog finden Sie die Lautsprecher der T+A Serien Pulsar, Cala und K-Serie.

The Joouly

The JOOULY stehrt für stylische Bluetooth-Lautsprecher mit anpassbarer Ambiente-Beleuchtung. Dabei kann The JOOULY als Getränkekühler, Vase oder Pflanzgefäß genutzt werden.


quadral offers you a wide range of different speakers - from the inexpensive entry-level system to the audiophile reference class. What unites them is the high product quality and the exceptionally good price/performance ratio. The best possible components are always used, each product is thoroughly tuned to get the optimum sound. All speakers are designed to give pleasure to their owners for years to come.

You alone decide which loudspeaker is the right one. Attributes such as design and price play a role, but first and foremost it is about sound. Take the time to compare at your specialist dealer - this way you will find your perfect quadral loudspeaker for an extraordinary sound experience.

Velodyne Subwoofer

Velodyne subwoofers are known for their high-quality workmanship and perfect sound. Most Velodyne subwoofers can be perfectly connected to your existing loudspeakers thanks to their extensive remote control and measuring system.

Speaker Accessories

Here you can order universal accessories for your speakers such as speaker stands, bases and brackets for your speakers.

inakustik AmbienTone

AmbienTone is the stylish way to hide high-quality speaker technology. AmbienTon are flat diaphragm loudspeakers for easy pre-wall mounting. The loudspeaker panels are simply let into the drywall and the joint is plastered. The loudspeakers simply disappear into the drywall made of gypsum board. Also suitable for mounting in damp rooms.

The range is supplemented by built-in loudspeakers for ceiling and wall.