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Speaker Accessories (Loudspeaker)

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Here you can order universal accessories for your speakers such as speaker stands, bases and brackets for your speakers.


audioquest Loudspeaker Cable Plug

Speaker cable accessories such as banana plugs, cable lugs for hi-fi speaker cables from the American specialist audioquest - always a perfect connection.

High-end HiFi cable accessories from audioquest for cinchcables, speaker cables and power cords to power your stereo or home cinema system. These high-quality banana plugs, cable lugs, RCA plugs, IEC plugs or shock-proof plugs are the perfect plug connections for the self assembly of your HiFi cables.

inakustik Reference Accessories

Spades (cable lugs) and banana plugs for speaker cables from the reference series from In-Akustik for the final touch, because sound knows no compromises.

ETI Research Hi-Fi banana plugs

High-end banana plugs from the Australian specialist ETI Research for the best possible transmission of the audio signal from amplifier/power amplifier to loudspeaker.

Speaker Cables

Here in the hi-fi shop you get terminated loudspeaker cables and speaker cables for self-assembly (DYS). The offer ranges from the favorable loudspeaker cable for HiFi beginners to the high-end loudspeaker cable for audiophile high-end Sereoanlagen.
Under the offer we have loudspeaker cables of the brands: DALI, Furutech, HMS, Kimber Kable, In-Acoustics, Monster Cable, Northeast, Oehlbach, Horn Audiophiles, Oyaide, Van den Hul, Siltech and VOVOX.

Pucks, Spikes, Absorber

Audio accessories for connecting or disconnecting your hi-fi equipment to and from its base.

WBT Banana Plugs / Spades

With the high-end connectors for loudspeaker cables from WBT you lay the foundation for the optimal connection between loudspeaker, speaker cable and amplifier of your hi-fi system. With the patented Interchange system, changing from banana plugs to cable lugs or vice versa is child's play, as the screwed connection on the crimped cable ends can be loosened at any time by means of the enclosed Torx wrench and locked cleanly again. As an optimum prerequisite, you should crimp the stripped ends of the loudspeaker cable with WBT wire end sleeves for a permanently low-loss signal connection.

WBT Pole Terminals

WBT Polklemmen, Anschlussterminal Komplettkits und Zubehör

WBT Pole Terminals with Mounting Plate

High-quality connection terminals for loudspeaker cables from WBT as complete kits (incl. mounting plate, pole terminals, fastening screws, sealing rubber).

WBT Mounting Plates

WBT mounting plates are available in two sizes for bi-wiring and one size for single-wiring. Stable construction made of 3 mm thick aluminium, optionally available in natural (silver) or black anodized. Corner rounding with 10 mm radius.

Resonance suppression

Resonances are completely undesirable in any form with all components of a high-quality stereo system - whether HiFi loudspeakers , CD players or amplifiers - because they have a negative effect on the sound potential. In order to keep these unwanted vibrations away from the HiFi devices and to derive them in a controlled way, we have a wide range of effective absorbers and device feet in our HiFi Shop Their effectiveness for sound improvement has already been confirmed in many tests of the relevant magazines of the HiFi trade press.

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