Hi-Fi Tuning

Tuning Zubehör für Bild + Ton (Audio, HiFi, Stereo, Video)

Hi-Fi Tuning

The right HiFi equipment is the fuel for your stereo / home cinema system. Starting with the optimization of the power supply with the appropriate power cables and power strips , high quality connectors for your cinch cables , Cable lugs and Banana plug for connecting your speaker cables to the loudspeaker , Absorber[LinkEnde] up to the interference suppression of your HiFi devices before electrosmog helps you to lift the sound to a level that until now hardly ever been possible.

Our experience shows that accessories and equipment should be in a ratio of approx. 60/40 to 70/30, in order to achieve a first-class sound experience under today's environmental conditions. In this catalog you will find: power sockets , audio cable and power cables, and effective Components for current processing , audiofuses for optimizing current flow and [cataloglink_26529]room tuning equipment[LinkEnde].

Interesting HiFi products

HiFi-Tuning Supreme 3 Fuse (5x20 mm)
49.99 €*
49.99 € / 1 Stück
HiFi-Tuning Supreme 3 Fuse (5x20 mm)
Phonosophie Aktivator Glas chip
80.00 €*
80.00 € / 1 Stück
Phonosophie Aktivator Glas chip
Vortex HiFi Power Optimizer PO-2 P.I.
199.00 €*
199.00 € / 1 Stück
Vortex HiFi Power Optimizer PO-2 P.I.
Isotek EVO3 Genesis One MKII Sinuswellengenerator
2,999.00 €*
2,999.00 € / 1 Stück
Isotek EVO3 Genesis One MKII Sinuswellengenerator


Clearlight Audio RDC

Clearlight Audio RDC cones and RDC absorbers are ideal for decoupling speakers, subwoofers or HiFi electronics from the footprint.


bFly-audio is a specialist in the field of absorption of resonances harmful to sound. For this purpose, the company has developed its own process, the so-called MLA technology (Multi Layer Adjustment). This has only one goal: to keep resonances as far as possible away from the sensitive hi-fi components - i. e. to eliminate occurring vibrations.


Alto-Extremo has been developing and producing effective absorber feet for loudspeakers, turntables, CD players, amplifiers etc. for more than 10 years. The feet, manufactured and produced in Germany, all use the highest quality materials and guarantee years of pleasure in their sound enhancing effect.

Accesories, Spare Parts, Repair

Hier finden Sie unverzichtbares Zubehör für Ihr Laufwerk, zur Schallplattenaufbereitung, zur Vinyl-Reinigung oder zum Upgrade Ihres geliebten Plattenspielers

Cable Accessories

High-end accessories for HiFi cables and audio connections are the basis for perfect sound quality, because music enjoyment knows no compromises. So don't save money in the wrong place, because you can only enjoy the full sound spectrum of your favourite CD or LP if all the components of your hi-fi system are perfectly connected. The HiFi plugs and AV sockets we offer for loudspeaker cables, cinch cables, audio cables, video cables and digital cables for coaxial digital connections from WBT, Oehlbach, Furutech, ETI Research and Black Forest Audio are the perfect prerequisites for this. In the offer you will find everything you need for optimal audio cabling from the cheap banana to the high-end RCA plug: RCA sockets, wire end ferrules, banana plugs, absorbers, adapters, right-angle plugs, RCA Y-cables, Y-adapters and pole clamps, etc.

Sound Tuning

Sound tuning for stereo systems as well as sound and image optimization for home cinema systems is a broad field - and believe me - there are many possibilities to raise your existing hi-fi system to a better level. Starting with small but very effective measures, such as:
  • Replacing the standard device fuse with a high-quality HiFi fine fuse or the
  • Use of spikes under the loudspeaker or the speaker.
  • Cleaning the CD with a special CD Cleaner or the
  • Removal of hum loops by high quality jacket current suppression filters etc.

Here in our HiFi Shop you will find the right products for the optimization of picture and sound.


The headphone has experienced a unique renaissance through the success of the smartphone. In addition to the classic Sennheiser headphones for audiophile music lovers, in-ear, Bluethooth and wireless headphones have become true topsellers.

Headphone Stands

High-quality headphones require a noble shelf - here it is finally - the headphone stand from Sieveking-Sound.
Design wooden earphone stand for high quality headphones. You can't keep and present a headphone more noble.

Power Supply

Audio fuses, power cords, power strips, plugs, adapters, jacks, active power devices

The use of high-quality components in the power supply is indispensable for a quiet, homogeneous, wide-ranging, deep sound image of your hi-fi system. This is the only way to ensure loss and interference-free transmission of the current before and within the hi-fi system, which reacts sensitively to fluctuations in the power supply.

Phone/Tablet cases

Mobile phone cases and tablet covers made of genuine deerskin in universal sizes for a large number of mobile devices. The mobile phone cases and tablet pockets look very elegant and elegant, are of high quality and convince by their robustness and durability.

A real leather case for your smartphone is unique and above all unbreakable and offers the best protection against scratches on the phone display. Another advantage of a smartphone leather case for your mobile phone is the soft inside of the case, which cleans your phone's display every time you insert and remove it, just like a leather cloth for the window.

Wall Mounts

Sicher ist sicher. Neben einer sehr großen Auswahl an Flatscreen-Halterungen finden Sie in diesem Katalog auch jede Menge erstklassiger Halterungen für Videoprojektoren, Lautsprecher und Standardfernseher. OmniMount steht für beste Unterhaltung und maximale Sicherheit.