Entstörung, Entstressung, Raumklima Verbesserung


Destruction and de-stress are two terms that we have to pay special attention to in our time and not only because we can raise our hi-fi system to a level we never thought of before. On the one hand, it is about the reduction of electrosmog, caused by the multiplicity of electronics, which has a negative influence on our environment at home, at work, on the road or in the hotel to a greater or lesser extent, and which affects our nervous system unconsciously. This means that our perception is restricted by our senses.

On the other hand, it is about the deressing of our body by protecting our body from the negative effects of electrosmog. The whole thing is rounded off by optimization of the room climate (humidity, dust pollution) - no matter whether at home or in the office.

If you approach these three topics consistently with the right products, you can create small oases of well-being for yourself and your family in the places where we all spend the most time, which will significantly increase our well-being in the long term.


Power Supplies

The high-end transformer power supplies offered here are designed to provide optimum power supply for components - not only from the HiFi sector - which are supplied with a conventional switching power supply at the factory.

The power supplies offered here work with a toroidal transformer to provide the necessary DC voltages. These HiFi power supplies thus serve as a sound-optimizing replacement for the numerous sound-damaging switching power supplies available in the household. The use of one of these high-quality transformer power supplies reduces the emission of electrosmog (dirty power), as produced by all switching power supplies, to a minimum. A transformer power supply of this type is therefore indispensable in terms of sound quality. The result is an audibly more natural sound.

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NEVOOX UV-C-Air purifier

Efficiency and performance meets modern design. The air purifier from the new air filter series by NEVOOX not only has a highly efficient HEPA air filter but also kills viruses with the integrated UV-C light. The HEPA 13 filters used achieve a filtering performance of 99.95 % for viruses and bacteria. The air filters are available in different performance levels depending on the room size from 11 - 180 m². Virus and bacteria removal by means of UV-C radiation, 253.7 nm silver ion plus cold catalyst.


PHONOSOPHIE stands like no other company in the hi-fi industry for equipment and room tuning at the highest level. The Hamburg-based company Phonosophie with Ingo Hansen as head and pioneer, has only one goal with its innovative products: to play music as if you were there live. And this should be taken literally, because the consistent use of phonoscopy products (e. g. terminating plugs, First Step termination caps , Phonosophie Aktivator Glaschip ) on your existing stereo system automatically makes your feet bounce when listening to music. You will hardly believe the potential your stereo system will develop with the PHONOSOPHIE activator products. Phonosophy's approach is quite simple: elimination of interfering, mutually influencing electromagnetic fields using the activator technology of PHONOSOPHIE. If you are looking for an article of Phonosophie from Hamburg in our HiFi Shop not listed, please contact us. We will order it for you.

Vortex HiFi

The company Vortex HiFi was founded by Norbert Maurer. It can probably be described as a pioneer in the field of research into the effects of AF and RF radiation on the human body and its auditory sensations. No matter how perfect a system is electro-acoustic, the quality of the listening experience is inevitably linked to the quality of the interpretation of the acoustic data via the human nervous system.

As a result of this long-term research and development work, new HiFi tuning products have been developed, which make use of the latest scientific and alternative medical findings. Without this innovative tuning accessory to minimize the ubiquitous NF and HF radiation and its effects, Norbert Maurer believes that it is no longer possible to create a livable and natural listening experience in today's domestic environment. The reason for this lies in the negative influence of NF and HF radiation on the nervous system of our body.


Creaktiv offers numerous effective tuning products for the filterless reduction of electrosmog through information. This allows you to effectively reduce electrical and electromagnetic interference fields and greatly improve the sound of your hi-fi stereo system.

Stetzerizer Filter + Messgerät

The use of Stetzer filters is an effective and easy to handle technique to reduce the intensity of electrosmog emitted via the house wiring at home, at work or in the office.

But where does this ubiquitous electrosmog in our power grid come from?
In short, it is a waste product of our modern technology with which we surround ourselves every day. No matter if computer, mobile phones, energy saving lamps, WLAN, LED lamps with own switching power supply (probably one of the worst electrosmog centrifuges of our time), your mock wave, the countless plug power supplies, which are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in our sockets often also unused at the current "suck" or our beloved flat screen TV, all these devices emit a more or less strong electromagnetic radiation over the air or the power supply network, which then as unwanted harmonics (so called "unwanted harmonics"). Dirty Electricity) on our power grid.

These electromagnetic fields generated by electricity can have a negative influence on our well-being, as research by Dr. Magda Havas, for example, has shown. This can take the form of headaches, fatigue, depression, testosterone deficiency and many other symptoms.

And this is exactly where the Stetzer filter developed by Dave Stetzer comes in, by filtering out the so-called "dirty electricity" to a large extent from your power grid. You could also say that the use of Stetzer filters "cleans" your power grid, because the electromagnetic fields emitted by the devices connected to your power grid are drastically reduced or even completely eliminated. In short, by using these current filters you create your own small oasis of well-being at home or at work.

Venta air washer

Venta air washers and humidifiers significantly increase your quality of life at home and in the office, because you feel fitter, you sleep better, you get sick less often. Pet odours and electrostatic charges are minimised and allergy sufferers breathe a sigh of relief, because house dust and pollen are almost no longer present in the air at home.