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    Destruction and de-stress are two terms that we have to pay special attention to in our time and not only because we can raise our hi-fi system to a level we never thought of before. On the one hand, it is about the reduction of electrosmog, caused by the multiplicity of electronics, which has a negative influence on our environment at home, at work, on the road or in the hotel to a greater or lesser extent, and which affects our nervous system unconsciously. This means that our perception is restricted by our senses.

    On the other hand, it is about the deressing of our body by protecting our body from the negative effects of electrosmog. The whole thing is rounded off by optimization of the room climate (humidity, dust pollution) - no matter whether at home or in the office.

    If you approach these three topics consistently with the right products, you can create small oases of well-being for yourself and your family in the places where we all spend the most time, which will significantly increase our well-being in the long term.

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  • But how and with which products do I reach the goal of realizing an oasis of well-being?

    This is actually quite simple, because the appropriate interference suppression products are easy to use and quickly installed by everyone. Let's start with the reduction of electrosmog through electronics such as TVs, amplifiers, CD players, WLAN routers etc. in our household. For this purpose, Vortex HiFi offers special[Artikellink_30159]Ground Optimizer[LinkEnd] which significantly reduces the noise emitted by each individual device. For further optimization, these electronic devices can be optimized by using[Artikellink_26530]Phonosophie Aktivator Glaschips[LinkEnd] or[Artikellink_27573]Vortex HiFi A. I. O. Further suppress interference from circles[Left End] and[Artikellink_26998]Pyramids[Left End] on which special interference suppression information is permanently applied.

    But we go one step further, because not only our stereo system but also all other electrical appliances such as refrigerators, LED lamps, chargers (e. g. mobile phones) work with so-called switching power supplies and pollute the electricity network in our environment with electrosmog and radiate it directly and via the unshielded power cables in the whole house. In order to become master of the situation here too, it is necessary to use[Cataloglink_33416]Vortex HiFi Power Optimizers[LeftEnd]. These filters filter the modulated disturbances on the power supply and limit them to a level acceptable for our body.

    Phonosophie developed the "New Living" concept in cooperation with Vortex HiFi for the direct stress relief of our body. This concept includes products for de-stress of our body. For example, the[Artikellink_26804]Phonosophy New Living energy near field rock crystal[Left End] which is worn directly on the body like a jewelry piece on a necklace or the[Artikellink_29054]Phonosophy New Living space activator[Left End] which floods the room with informed negative ions and thus balances out the overwhelmingly positive ions that exist.

    But to make our oasis of well-being perfect, it is necessary to use one or more high-quality humidifiers and air purifiers (depending on the size of the room) in all seasons. Here we rely on the top products of the market leader Venta from Germany. By using Venta air washers you will create a better quality of life, because you will feel fitter, you will sleep better, you will be less sick. Pets' odours and electrostatic charges are minimized and allergy sufferers breathe a sigh of relief, because house dust and pollen are almost non-existent in the air at home.
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