WBT - Klangtuning Zubehör für Audiokabel, HiFi-Komponenten, Lautprecherkabel


High-End Cinchstecker, Cinchbuchsen, Bananas, Kabelschuhe, Polkelmmen und Aderendhülsen für die perfekte Signalübertragung und natürlichen Klang.


WBT Banana Plugs / Spades

With the high-end connectors for loudspeaker cables from WBT you lay the foundation for the optimal connection between loudspeaker, speaker cable and amplifier of your hi-fi system. With the patented Interchange system, changing from banana plugs to cable lugs or vice versa is child's play, as the screwed connection on the crimped cable ends can be loosened at any time by means of the enclosed Torx wrench and locked cleanly again. As an optimum prerequisite, you should crimp the stripped ends of the loudspeaker cable with WBT wire end sleeves for a permanently low-loss signal connection.

WBT RCA Connectors

Wide selection of WBT RCA plugs (Cinch) - from the new highly acclaimed nextgen series to the WBT-0152 Topline Cinch for cable cross-sections up to 11.3 mm

WBT RCA Sockets

With its nextgen series of RCA sockets, WBT has taken a decisive step for the further development of the RCA connection. Especially optimized for digital connections, the sound gain is audibly impressive. The trick with the WBT HiFi cinch sockets is that there is only one defined contact point when using the matching WBT nextgen RCA plugs.

WBT Cable End Sleeves

WBT copper wire end ferrules gold-plated (0.5qmm - 16 qmm) or pure silver (1.5 qmm - 6 qmm) for crimping the cable ends on loudspeaker cables for better contact to the banana plug or cable lug.

WBT Pole Terminals with Mounting Plate

High-quality connection terminals for loudspeaker cables from WBT as complete kits (incl. mounting plate, pole terminals, fastening screws, sealing rubber).

WBT Mounting Plates

WBT mounting plates are available in two sizes for bi-wiring and one size for single-wiring. Stable construction made of 3 mm thick aluminium, optionally available in natural (silver) or black anodized. Corner rounding with 10 mm radius.

WBT Pole Terminals

WBT Polklemmen, Anschlussterminal Komplettkits und Zubehör

WBT Pole Terminal Accessories

Kontermuttern, vergoldete Fächerscheiben, Torx-Gewindestifte für Bananas, Kabelschuhe und andere WBT-Verbindungen, Platinenklemmen, Montage-Kits

WBT Tools

Special tool from WBT for perfect processing of loudspeaker cables, audio cables and all WBT products