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Electronic parts: coils, resistors, capacitors

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Electronic parts: coils, resistors, capacitors from Mundorf Germany


Speaker chassis

Loudspeaker chassis for self-assembly of HiFi loudspeakers (tweeters, mid-range speakers, woofers, etc.).
In our loudspeaker-house you get: Broadband loudspeaker chassis, woofers, mid-range woofers, cone mid-range speakers, middle-tone dents, mid-range horns, high-frequency tweeters, high-frequency dome tweeters, high-frequency horns.

Mundorf Capacitors

Bipolar electrolytic capacitors, MCapSupreme, TubeCap and MCapSupreme SILVER / OIL, tin foil capacitors, MKP and MKT capacitors for the high audiophile requirements.

Mundorf Coils

Silver foil coils, ferrite core coils, aronite wire coils, ferrite core coils, bobbins with baking coils, copper foil coils

Mundorf Resistors

- Metal oxide film resistors 2.5 watts, 4 watts, 5 watts, 10 watts
- High-load cement resistors 5 watts, 11 watts, 17 watts

Metal oxide film resistors have no residual inductance in contrast to normal wirewound resistors. Therefore, metal oxide film resistors are essential in all cases where pulse speed is important, such as in the high-frequency range. The designs offered by us have a permanent load capacity of four or ten watts, but they can be loaded much higher in the pulse range.

High-load resistors are used in crossovers for level adjustment of individual loudspeakers and in oscillating circuits or equalizer networks. In principle, they convert unwanted or excess electrical energy into heat. An important parameter is therefore the load capacity, expressed in watts.

In addition to the load capacity, the residual inductance is also important in the high-frequency range. The simple cement resistors consist of an insulator into which a wire winding is inserted. This coil behaves like a coil for very high frequencies and blocks it. For this reason, we recommend to use our metal oxide resistors in the high frequency range, since there is no coil. Instead, a conductive metal oxide layer is applied to a carrier body. This design is practically free of induction.

Mundorf wire

The mixture silver plus 1% gold content* has proven to be the best capacitor coating for the MCap SUPREME silver/gold. The
The result is so convincing that the idea of using this alloy for the wiring of electronic devices was obvious.

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Mundorf MConstruct UNIP Leiterplatten
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Mundorf MConstruct UNIP Leiterplatten