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Speaker Cables

Here in the hi-fi shop you get terminated loudspeaker cables and speaker cables for self-assembly (DYS). The offer ranges from the favorable loudspeaker cable for HiFi beginners to the high-end loudspeaker cable for audiophile high-end Sereoanlagen.
Under the offer we have loudspeaker cables of the brands: DALI, Furutech, HMS, Kimber Kable, In-Acoustics, Monster Cable, Northeast, Oehlbach, Horn Audiophiles, Oyaide, Van den Hul, Siltech and VOVOX.


Vortex HiFi Speaker Cable

Vortex loudspeaker cables are probably currently among the best of their kind. The theoretical approach of these speaker cables is fundamentally different. We want to avoid disturbances of the music sensation.

The technical objectives we want to achieve are therefore completely different. We want to prevent the emission of dirty power effects. This means that we reduce the otherwise usual, measurable nerve disturbances caused by radiated fields of the cables.

The techniques used are different and in most cases unique. We conduct perfectly with waveguides (Dual Connection). We shield perfectly (Nano Shield, Distortion Field Absorber). We inform our cables (A. I. O. information)


audioquest loudspeaker cables from the American cable specialist audioquest are available in a wide range. The cheap LS cables of the Rocket series are the entry into the world of audioquest loudspeaker cables. The audiophile music listener can access the audioquest loudspeaker cables Star-Quad, Flat Rock and Tree (Double Counter-Spiral) series.


Dali speaker cables listen to the name DALI CONNECT and have been developed specifically for the requirements of DALI loudspeakers . The goal of the Danish loudspeaker specialist DALI is to create a high quality audio experience for music and film lovers all over the world. DALI has been working on the development and manufacture of some of the world's best loudspeakers for over 30 years with a discoloring, clear and harmonious sound.

The new DALI CONNECT series of loudspeakers with carefully selected materials for the liters and dielectrics awaits an excellent signal transmission. The loudspeaker cables are offered both as a meterware from the reel and also as a perfectly prefabricated loudspeaker cable with Bananas .

Horn Audiophiles

Horn Audiophiles Lautsprecherkabel zeichnet ein exzellentes Preis-/Leistungsverhältnis aus. Die „ODIN“ Audio-Kabelserie ist unschlagbar in der Fähigkeit, Musik als Ganzes zu übertragen. Instrumente und Stimmen sind im dynamischen Spektrum und großartigem Klangvolumen klar lokalisierbar. Erhaben ist der Intensitätsgrad der Klarheit, welcher die Klanggestaltung ohne Anstrengung und Aufmerksamkeit erkennen lässt.

HMS Elektronik

High-end loudspeaker cables for Hi-Fi made in Germany by the company HMS-Elektronik from Leverkusen.

Quick-Link: Al Cinema | Capriccio | Concertato | Armonia | Gran Finale | Perfect Match Box

Kimber Kable

Meterware zum selbst konfektionieren der klanglich perfekten Lautsprecherkabel von Kimber Kable

In-Akustik Referenz

Loudspeaker cables of the In-Acoustic Reference Line you can get here in the HiFi Shop original assembled from the manufacturer.

in-akustik loudspeaker cables are also available as yard goods: LS 502 | LS 602 | LS 1002 | LS 1102

In-Akustik Referenz by the meter

inakustik Loudspeaker cables as yard goods from the cable reel are excellently suited for selver assembly of your loudspeaker cables. It is advantageous for all laymen in the field of cable assembly that these in-akustik loudspeaker cables are very easy to assemble. No special skills are required. All you need is a good cable shear or a side cutter, Shrink tubing , high-quality wire end ferrules and an Crimping pliers in order to be able to press the wire end ferrules neatly onto the stripped cable ends. This protects the fine copper wires of the speaker cable, provides secure contact and simplifies screw mounting of banana plugs or cable lugs and their replacement if you have new speakers with a different terminal.

In-Akustik Exzellenz / Premium

In-Akustik speaker cables from the Exzellenz and Premium series are the in-akustik class for demanding music reproduction requirements. Selected material, optimal workmanship and passion for exceptional sound qualities in in-akustik's own cable factory in Germany.


Nordost loudspeaker cables have always been part of the "crème de la crème" of high-end HiFi loudspeaker cables available on the audio market. Nordost speaker cables from the United States use unique patented cable technologies to transport the music signal from the amplifier to the speaker as quickly and as unadulteratedly as possible. This extremely high effort in the production of loudspeaker cables is also reflected in the impressive sound image of the respective Nordost speaker cables in every price range. you could also say that investing in a loudspeaker cable from the Nordost is an investment for a lifetime.


High-End Lautsprecherkabel aus der Oehlbach XXL un Bi-Tech-Serie

Oehlbach Meterware

Meterware von diversen Oehlbach Lautsprecherkabeln.


OYAIDE Lautsprecherkabel sind hochwertige Kabel aus hochreinem OFC-Kupfer zum Anschluss von HiFi-Lautsprechern an Verstärker bzw. Endstufe.

Silent Wire

Silent Wire Lautsprecherkabel kaufen Sie hier sicher und zuverlässig im Shop von hifi-zubehoer.info - Ihrem Silent Wire Vertragshändler. Wir versenden alle Lautsprecherkabel europaweit.


Siltech Lautsprecherkabel gehören zur absoluten Spitzenklasse im HiFi Bereich

Van den Hul

Original Van den Hul konfektionierte Lautsprecherkabel.

Quick-Link: The Revelation Hybrid


Vovox HiFi Lautsprecherkabel in single-wiring oder bi-wiring Ausführung


- Solid core Lautsprecherkabel
- zum Anschluss von Lautsprecher Cabinets an Gitarren- oder Bassverstärkertops.
- Erhältlich mit Klinkensteckern oder Speakon-Steckern von Neutrik.

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