Pucks, Spikes, Absorber

Pucks, Spikes, Absorber (Sound Tuning)

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Audio accessories for connecting or disconnecting your hi-fi equipment to and from its base.


Vortex HiFi Gerätefüße

Vortex HiFi equipment stands are fundamentally different from all other stands on the market. Read the 10 basic advantages over all other feet:
  • Vortex HiFi device feet are different - they are based on environmental medical, biological findings.
  • They do not try to make the devices vibrate less, but more naturally.
  • For this purpose, the feet use a 3-position stand, which avoids interference between the feet due to differently coupled feet.
  • The feet use the same technology used in ultrasonic analysis of workpieces - impedance matching by sapphires - for perfect coupling between the foot and the floor.
  • Resonances are prevented by a naturally grown, special maple block, but also by targeted small and large holes.
  • Due to the vibration-optimized application of 5mm felt feet, the influence of the ground was largely avoided and the wooden block was not deprived of its natural vibration, as no surface is completely exposed.
  • Selected woods and individual processing of the individual vibrating bodies (wooden blanks) by hand allow to get the maximum sound out of each work piece.
  • The wooden construction made of selected woods does not generate eddy currents, nor does it deform the magnetic or electrical field of the devices.
  • The optimized height of the feet allows a clearly minimized field strength, with which the device fields penetrate into the rack floor and thus the feet reduce the formation of potentially harmful eddies of sound.
  • With the Vortex HiFi's own stress and interference suppression information system, you are able to enjoy a stress-free listening experience that is unique.


Alto-Extremo has been developing and producing effective absorber feet for loudspeakers, turntables, CD players, amplifiers etc. for more than 10 years. The feet, manufactured and produced in Germany, all use the highest quality materials and guarantee years of pleasure in their sound enhancing effect.

Audio Selection

Audio Selection has been manufacturing HiFi tuning accessories for every hi-fi system for over 30 years. All spikes, absorbers, mufflers and acoustic boards are manufactured by Audio Selection in highest quality "Made in Germany".

audioplan Gerätefüße

audioplan obtains from Sicomin dampers made of carbon fiber composite material. This allows you to place devices and individual components in a vibration-free manner.


bFly-audio is a specialist in the field of absorption of resonances harmful to sound. For this purpose, the company has developed its own process, the so-called MLA technology (Multi Layer Adjustment). This has only one goal: to keep resonances as far as possible away from the sensitive hi-fi components - i. e. to eliminate occurring vibrations.

Clearlight Audio RDC

Clearlight Audio RDC cones and RDC absorbers are ideal for decoupling speakers, subwoofers or HiFi electronics from the footprint.

Finite Elemente Cera

Die Finite Elemente Cera Produkt-Familie dient zur Direktkopplung Ihrer Audiogeräte - Das bringt mehr Detail, mehr Räumlichkeit, mehr Dynamik und vor allem mehr Musik.

inakustik Absorber

inakustik spikes & absorbers are low-cost alternatives for resonance dissipation and attenuation of audio and video components.


Oehlbach offers a wide range of spikes for coupling and absorbers and device feet for damping loudspeakers and hi-fi equipment. The use of spikes or absorbers is intended to dissipate undesired vibrations that negatively influence the sound and to keep them away from the hi-fi components.

SSC Absorber

SSC Absorber - the feet and speaker stands are ideal for damping and decoupling hi-fi components from the ground. Whether you want to uncouple a subwoofer from the floor or dampen your turntable - SSC offers coasters for every application. The sound gain is remarkable.

Viablue Spikes

ViaBlue spikes and absorbers absorb and reduce vibrations from vibration bodies such as loudspeakers (e. g. diaphragms) and devices (e. g. power supplies). At the same time, the HiFi components are decoupled from the footprint.

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