Digital Cables

Digitalkabel - optisch, coaxial

Digital  Cables

Optical digital cables (Toslink), coaxial digital cables (Cinch, AES EBU XLR) for the transmission of digital audio signals to TV, game console, SAT receiver, AV receiver etc.


Optical Digital Cables - Toslink

Optical (Toslink) audio cables made of nylon and pure glass fibre for opto-cables in absolute high-end top quality. The purity of the conductor is what makes the difference in an optical cable. Any contamination in the conductor material of the optical digital cable, however minimal it may be, causes light refraction in the cable, which leads to jitter that reduces sound.

Coaxial Digital Cables - RCA, XLR

Coaxial digital cable in high quality, shielded version for the transmission of digital audio. These high-precision digital cables are the basis for best stage imaging, high resolution and an unadulterated reproduction of the music signal.