Sound Tuning

Sound Tuning (Hi-Fi Tuning)

Sound tuning for stereo systems as well as sound and image optimization for home cinema systems is a broad field - and believe me - there are many possibilities to raise your existing hi-fi system to a better level. Starting with small but very effective measures, such as:

  • Replacing the standard device fuse with a high-quality HiFi fine fuse or the
  • Use of spikes under the loudspeaker or the speaker.
  • Cleaning the CD with a special CD Cleaner or the
  • Removal of hum loops by high quality jacket current suppression filters etc.

Here in our HiFi Shop you will find the right products for the optimization of picture and sound.

Interesting HiFi products

Phonosophie Aktivator Glas chip
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Phonosophie Aktivator Glas chip
Clearlight Audio RDC 2 Kegel
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Clearlight Audio RDC 2 Kegel
inakustik Referenz Cable Base
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inakustik Referenz Cable Base
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Audio Fuses

By replacing the conventional fuses in your HiFi system with the fuses specially developed for HiFi devices, it is possible to further optimize the current flow within your HiFi components and to improve the sound. The audiophile fuses offered in this catalogue are probably among the most effective tuning measures on the hi-fi market. The sound gain through the use of a HiFi micro fuse is really enormous.


Destruction and de-stress are two terms that we have to pay special attention to in our time and not only because we can raise our hi-fi system to a level we never thought of before. On the one hand, it is about the reduction of electrosmog, caused by the multiplicity of electronics, which has a negative influence on our environment at home, at work, on the road or in the hotel to a greater or lesser extent, and which affects our nervous system unconsciously. This means that our perception is restricted by our senses.

On the other hand, it is about the deressing of our body by protecting our body from the negative effects of electrosmog. The whole thing is rounded off by optimization of the room climate (humidity, dust pollution) - no matter whether at home or in the office.

If you approach these three topics consistently with the right products, you can create small oases of well-being for yourself and your family in the places where we all spend the most time, which will significantly increase our well-being in the long term.


Improvement of sound and image on CD, SACD, DVD-A, DVD with SID (Sound Improvement Disc) of the green CD mat or the magical Stein Music DE2 demagnetizer for CD, cable, etc.


HMS jacket current filters for digital, audio, video and satellite suppress hum and interference interference very effectively without the usual signal quality losses. Disturbances caused by sheathed currents are caused by multiple earthing with different earth potentials, which is often unavoidable.

Equipment Bases

Device bases / sound bases avoid resonance with hi-fi components such as amplifiers, CD players, loudspeakers, subwoofers etc. and decouple them from the background.
The result: clear voice reproduction, expressive midrange and more three-dimensionality in the sound image.

Equipment Tuning

Turntable pads, terminating plugs, CD mats, level dampers or record weights are effective HiFi tuning accessories for sound tuning of turntables, CD players or HiFi devices.


Measuring microphones for acoustic measurements at home or on the road in connection with an iPad or iPhone, e. g. for measuring hi-fi systems.

Room Tuning

The optimisation of room acoustics is an often underestimated and neglected field in the hi-fi sector. In this catalogue, we present some effective room tuning products that will help you achieve a better live sound experience. This is not only about absorbers, diffusers etc. to attenuate undesired sound reflections.

Cleaning Products

Special cleaner for CD, DVD, vinyl / vinyl records and turntable needles for the unadulterated enjoyment of music.

Resonance suppression

Resonances are completely undesirable in any form with all components of a high-quality stereo system - whether HiFi loudspeakers , CD players or amplifiers - because they have a negative effect on the sound potential. In order to keep these unwanted vibrations away from the HiFi devices and to derive them in a controlled way, we have a wide range of effective absorbers and device feet in our HiFi Shop Their effectiveness for sound improvement has already been confirmed in many tests of the relevant magazines of the HiFi trade press.

Pucks, Spikes, Absorber

Audio accessories for connecting or disconnecting your hi-fi equipment to and from its base.