Quadral Lautsprecher


quadral offers you a wide range of different speakers - from the inexpensive entry-level system to the audiophile reference class. What unites them is the high product quality and the exceptionally good price/performance ratio. The best possible components are always used, each product is thoroughly tuned to get the optimum sound. All speakers are designed to give pleasure to their owners for years to come.

You alone decide which loudspeaker is the right one. Attributes such as design and price play a role, but first and foremost it is about sound. Take the time to compare at your specialist dealer - this way you will find your perfect quadral loudspeaker for an extraordinary sound experience.


Quadral Platinum+

Quadral PLATINUM+ is the new and highly acclaimed series from the high-quality loudspeaker range from quadral. And one thing is certain: the PLATINUM+ takes on the big names.

Equipped with the AURUM-tested quadral ALTIMA® membrane and the pressure chamber reflex system in the bass, the PLATINUM+ loudspeakers feature outstanding AURUM genes.

Extra-strong cabinets guarantee lowest resonances, maximum impulse fidelity and low discolouration. And last but not least, the ring radiators with optimized waveguide ensure a mature sound image.

Quadral Chromium Style

Sound with style
The Quadral CHROMIUM STYLE speaker series combines form and function to a convincing sound experience. The elegant enclosures of the loudspeakers in this series meet the highest design requirements and ensure optimum sound radiation thanks to the rounded sides. Hand-polished high-gloss lacquers complete the noble overall impression and make the transducers a high-quality decoration of your living rooms.

The Quadral CHROMIUM STYLE is also technically convincing: the elaborate ribbon tweeter stands for crystal-clear highs. Titanium-coated polypropylene membranes ensure maximum linearity and sound fidelity.

A CHROMIUM STYLE speaker reproduces music and surround sound with maximum dynamics. Thanks to the large bass reflex tubes with trumpet flanges, even deep film roll is reproduced convincingly. The excellent attention to detail is completed by the carefully gold-plated connection terminals, so that even high-end enthusiasts will be delighted with this speaker series.

Quadral Phase

The Quadral speaker series PHASE includes flat wall/ceiling loudspeakers (On-Wall), top speakers for a three-dimensional sound experience and dipole/bipole speakers. If required, models 150, 180, 190 and R6 can be fully integrated into lightweight walls with the appropriate optional accessories.

Quadral PHASE offers fascinating possibilities for the sound design of living spaces. In combination with floorstanding loudspeakers and subwoofers, these effect loudspeakers turn your living room into a thrilling home cinema or concert hall in no time at all.

Quadral Aktiv-Subwoofer

Only an active Quadral subwoofer makes your home cinema experience complete. Because what would a thunderstorm be without its abyssal rumbling or a double bass in which the plucking of the sides does not go through the bone. It would be boring. And that's exactly why Quadral has developed its Qube active subwoofers. You give your home cinema system the last kick and only then does a helicopter flying over you leave you with pure goosebumps.