Hi-Fi Speaker Cable, Audio Cable, Digital Cable, Video Cable


HiFi requires high-quality audio, video and digital cables (e.g., Toslink, [cataloglink_25415]network cable[LinkEnde]). They are the crucial link for sound and video playback between the devices of your stereo or home cinema system. No matter which source you use as an audio source - the right cable decides about sound or frustration. Even the best source can not exploit its sound potential if the digital cable used, speaker cable or RCA cable distorts the audio or video signal.

Interesting HiFi products

Vortex HiFi NF-3 RCA GO-2 Ultra
1,499.00 €*
1,499.00 € / 1 Stück
Vortex HiFi NF-3 RCA GO-2 Ultra
Nordost Red Dawn Audio Cable
539.00 €*
539.00 € / 1 Paar
Nordost Red Dawn Audio Cable


Power cord

High-quality power strips and power cords are probably the most important components of your hi-fi system. For a long time now, your sound improving properties are undisputed and should be part of every high-quality hi-fi system.

Power cord sold by Meter

This catalogue offers you power cords as yard goods from the reel in different cross-sections for the most different requirements on the power supply of your HiFi devices. The HiFi power cables come from Furutech, Oyaide, in-akustik, ViaBlue or the tuning specialist HiFi-Tuning from Berlin.

Audio Cables

Audio cables (RCA cables and XLR cables) for hi-fi systems strongly influence the sound of an audio system. I have experienced it before that a single audio cable in my hi-fi system has slowed down the full potential of the stereo system. Therefore, our range of audio cables in the shop includes a selected assortment of high-quality products from well-known brands. No matter if you are looking for a reasonably priced RCA cable to connect inexpensive HiFi equipment or a high-end XLR cable for a high-quality stereo or home cinema system - among the wide range of analogue cables at HiFi + Accessories you will also find the optimal audio cable to match your HiFi system and your listening taste.

Antenna Cables + Accessories

You would like to buy an HDTV antenna cable for satellite TV or cable TV in highest quality with 4-fold shielding suitable for UHD / 4K TV, extend your antenna cable or just need the appropriate antenna adapter or plugs? Then have a look at our catalogue for antenna accessories.

Our coaxial antenna cables with 4-fold shielding and 120 dB shielding measure are perfectly suited for interference-free installation between satellite system and satellite receiver or between antenna socket and TV, cable receiver or PC.

AV Cables

HDMI-Kabel sind heute der Standard für die Übertragung von Bild und Ton zwischen Fernseher und Sat-, Kabel- und AV-Receiver. In diesem Kabelkatalog finden Sie auch Scartkabel , VGA-Kabel, S-VHS Kabel (Hosiden), DVI Kabel, RGB-Kabel, DVD-Kabel

Car Hi-Fi

Car HiFi Cinchkabel

Computer Cables

Ethernet cable, USB cable, Firewire cable, digital cable and various high quality adapters for high-end audio streaming.

Digital Cables

Optical digital cables (Toslink), coaxial digital cables (Cinch, AES EBU XLR) for the transmission of digital audio signals to TV, game console, SAT receiver, AV receiver etc.

Instrument Cables

Professional instrument cables, microphone cables, keyboard cables, midi cables, loudspeaker cables, patchbay cables, various audio cables and DJ cables for the cabling of musical instruments of musicians and bands.

iPhone, iPad, iPod

praktisches Zubehör für Apple TM Produkte.

Headphone cable

Hochwertige Kopfhörerkabel zum Klang-Tuning Ihres Kopfhörers. Unsere High-End Kopfhörerkabel sind auch ideal als Verlängerungskabel für Kopfhörer, falls das Standardkabel zu kurz ist.

Speaker Cables

Here in the hi-fi shop you get terminated loudspeaker cables and speaker cables for self-assembly (DYS). The offer ranges from the favorable loudspeaker cable for HiFi beginners to the high-end loudspeaker cable for audiophile high-end Sereoanlagen.
Under the offer we have loudspeaker cables of the brands: DALI, Furutech, HMS, Kimber Kable, In-Acoustics, Monster Cable, Northeast, Oehlbach, Horn Audiophiles, Oyaide, Van den Hul, Siltech and VOVOX.

Network cable

Netzwerkkabel zur optimalen Verbindung von HiFi-Netzwerkkomponenten wie Streamer, NAS oder Musik-Server. Nur mit einem hochwertigen Netzwerkkabel erzielen Sie den optimalen Klang bei der Wiedergabe über Ihre HiFi-Anlage.

PS2 Kabel

Hochwertige Audio- und Videokabel zum Anschluss von Sony PlayStation 2 und 3, Xbox 360 und Gamecube an Ihren Bildschirm bzw. zur Einbindung in ein Heimkinosystem (Receiver).

Subwoofer Cables

Subwoofer cables are specially designed for the requirements of active subwoofers. They transmit the low frequencies better than a "normal" RCA cable. Therefore, the use of a subwoofer cable is always recommended when the maximum power of your active subwoofer is important.

Tone Arm Cables

Hochwertige Tonarmkabel für das Tuning Ihres Plattenspielers und kompromisslosen Analogklang

USB cable

hochwertige USB Kabel für die Verbindung von mobilen oder statinären Devices (USB-Festplatten) mit HiFi-Geräten wie z.B. D/A Wandler, Audio-Streamer etc.