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Analogue Hi-Fi + Accessories

High End Electronics and Turntable Accessories for Analogue HiFi.
products: Record players, pickups (styluses), drives, tonearm cables, tonearm scales, phono preamplifiers, tuning accessories for record players
Manufacturer: Clearaudio, Clearlight-Audio, Dual, HMS, Rega, Flux HiFi, Sumiko, van den Hul etc.


Tone Arm Cables

Hochwertige Tonarmkabel für das Tuning Ihres Plattenspielers und kompromisslosen Analogklang

Dual Turntables

Dual turntables "Made in Germany" look back on a long company history. In the 1930s, for example, the "Gebrüder Steidinger" company began producing gramophone drives in the 1930s and developed its first own turntables, for which it even received an award at the 1937 World Exhibition in Paris. The success story continues today after turbulent years around the brand Dual and its turntables. Since 1993 Alfred Fehrenbacher GmbH took over the production of the complete range of turntables from DUAL and in 2002 also the distribution and marketing rights. The subsidiary founded especially for this purpose, Dual Phono GmbH, still produces "Made in Germany" in St. Georgen in the Black Forest.


Clearaudio turntables and drives deliver pure music enjoyment. And this is no coincidence. All clearaudio turntables are completely developed in Germany and manufactured in our own production facility in Erlangen. That this effort is worth it is shown by the numerous tests in the well-known HiFi magazines.

If you are interested in a high quality clearaudio turntable, please contact me by phone under 0375-5674895 or via our contact form here in the shop.

Plattenspieler Pro-Ject

Pro-Ject Plattenspieler bieten analogen Musikgenuss zum günstigen Preis.

Rega turntables

Rega record players were born out of a passion - the passion for music. The young Englishman Roy Gandy had already discovered his musical veins at a young age. He attended rock concerts, tinkered with old stereo systems, helped friends set up their systems and spent a lot of time repairing record players. As a result, the company gradually developed its own prototypes of record players, which were quite on a par with those of the manufacturers of the time. So Roy Gandy decided to found Rega in 1973 to sell his own record players. Now the story of Rega began to take its course. It all started with the famous planet. Today it is the Planar record players that have already secured their place in HiFi history.

Sound-Tuning for record player

Diverses Zubehör für Plattenspieler zur Klangoptimierung


Phonovorverstärker von Clearaudio und Rega gehören zu den besten Vorstufen für Plattenspieler. Phonovorstufen sind sowohl für MM und MC-Systeme erhältlich.

Accesories, Spare Parts, Repair

Hier finden Sie unverzichtbares Zubehör für Ihr Laufwerk, zur Schallplattenaufbereitung, zur Vinyl-Reinigung oder zum Upgrade Ihres geliebten Plattenspielers

Cardriges MM/MC

MM Systeme und MC Systeme von Clearaudio

Arm Load Meter

Diverse Phono Tonarmwaagen zur Bestimmung / Messung der Auflagekraft für eine optimale Justage des Tonabnehmersystems bei Plattenspielern.

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