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Hi-Fi power strips, power distribution boards, mains filters and voltage stabilizers for optimizing the power supply of your Hi-Fi system. In this HiFi catalogue you will find interference suppression products from audioplan, Fisch Audiotechnik, Furutech, HMS, ISOL-8, Isotek, in-akustik, Monster Cable, Oehlbach Silentwire, T+A, Vincent and HiFi-Tuning Berlin.

Interesting HiFi products

Phonosophie Aktivator Powerplug 2
380.00 €*
380.00 € / 1 Stück
Phonosophie Aktivator Powerplug 2


audioquest power sockets

Audioquest power sockets for HiFi equipment offer effective protection against unwanted interference from electrosmog. The audioquest current filters remove noise and distortion. Thus, audioquest power sockets significantly improve the performance of the connected A/V devices.

audioplan power distribution

Audioplan provides with its sophisticated concept for the power of audio and AV components to a perfect coordinated flow filter system. This ensures that all devices of your hi-fi system can work optimally and remain outside electrical interference before.

Fisch Audiotechnik

individually configurable power distribution for stereo and home theater systems

Furutech power distribution

Power strips, sockets, installation outlets from the high-end manufactur Furutech

HMS power strips

Power strips and sockets from the german high-end manufactur HMS Elektronik

ISOTEK power strips

Power strips from the english power experts ISOTEK


Power strips from the German cable specialist in-akustik

Oehlbach power strips

Power strips from the German cable specialist Oehlbach

Silent Wire power strips

Power strips from the German cable specialist Silent Wire

T+A Netzsteckerleisten

The mains connection of a high-quality system only becomes really perfect when using a high-end plug connector such as the T+A Power Bar. It is the central filter and protection device for the entire hi-fi system and effectively prevents individual components of the system from interfering with each other or disturbances from the socket outlet into the system.
The T+A power strip has sockets for analogue, digitally controlled and fully digital devices. The power bars are equipped with a polarity indicator for correct connection to the mains socket. An integrated surge protection can dissipate surges and keep them away from the connected devices.

Vincent Netzleisten

HiFi power strips from Vincent for optimum power supply in audio and video systems.

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HiFi-Tuning Black Power Netzleiste
148.95 €*
148.95 € / 1 Stück
HiFi-Tuning Black Power Netzleiste
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130.95 €*
130.95 € / 1 Stück
HiFi-Tuning High-End Steckdosenleiste
Aktion: -3,00 %
Phonosophy Reference Activator Power bar
1,280.00 €*
1,280.00 € / 1 Stück
Phonosophy Reference Activator Power bar
Phonosophie Power Cord power socket
450.00 €*
450.00 € / 1 Stück
Phonosophie Power Cord power socket