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  • HDMI Kabel

    HDMI Kabel

    HDMI cable in professional quality for a perfect picture on TV and projector. The offer includes low-cost HDMI cables for optimal cabling of low-cost TV sets and High End HDMI cable for an absolutely lossless connection of 4k capable premium video devices such as UHD-TV or 3D home cinema projector with Blu-Ray player, SAT receiver and AV receiver.

    We recommend to use cable lengths from 3m - 5m HDMI cable of higher quality, which are located in the price list a little higher up to avoid loss of picture quality. As our practical experience shows time and again, many customers are happy to save money in the wrong place.

    If the required HDMI cable is 10m or longer, please pay attention to the technical data of the HDMI cable, because from these lengths on many manufacturers do not guarantee the full bandwidth and data transmission speed, which in the worst case can lead to the fact that no picture is displayed by the TV or beamer any more.

      • HDMI Umschalter
      • HDMI Umschalter
      • HDMI Verstärker
      • HDMI Verstärker
      • audioquest - HDMI Kabel
      • audioquest - HDMI Cable
      • inakustik - HDMI Kabel
      • inakustik - HDMI Cable
      • Silent Wire - HDMI Kabel
      • Silent Wire - HDMI Cables
      • Monster Cable - HDMI Kabel
      • Monster Cable - HDMI Cables
      • Nordost HDMI Kabel
      • Nordost HDMI Cables
      • Oehlbach - HDMI Kabel
      • Oehlbach - HDMI Cables
      • Van den Hul - HDMI Kabel
      • Van den Hul - HDMI Cables

      • Oehlbach Real Matrix Angle
      • Oehlbach Real Matrix Angle

      • € 39.90*
      • Furutech ADL HDMI-N1-4 HDMI Kabel
      • Furutech ADL HDMI-N1-4 HDMI Kabel

      • € 118.00*
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  • What does HDMI mean?

    HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) is the future-proof digital AV interface for ultra-fast transmission of audio and video data in extremely high bandwidths such as 4K and UHD TV. In this cable catalogue we offer you a large selection of high-quality, 4K compatible HDMI cable 2.0. These brands of HDMI cables are the basis for lossless data transmission between devices with HDMI interface and the guarantee for best picture quality.

    From HDMI Standard 1.4 onwards, HDMI cables not only transport digital audio and video signals, but also simultaneously connect multiple devices to the home network, with only one of the devices connected to the network via HDMI.
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