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HDMI cable in professional quality for a perfect picture on TV and projector. The offer includes low-cost HDMI cables for optimal cabling of low-cost TV sets and High End HDMI cable for an absolutely lossless connection of 4k capable premium video devices such as UHD-TV or 3D home cinema projector with Blu-Ray player, SAT receiver and AV receiver.

We recommend to use cable lengths from 3m - 5m HDMI cable of higher quality, which are located in the price list a little higher up to avoid loss of picture quality. As our practical experience shows time and again, many customers are happy to save money in the wrong place.

If the required HDMI cable is 10m or longer, please pay attention to the technical data of the HDMI cable, because from these lengths on many manufacturers do not guarantee the full bandwidth and data transmission speed, which in the worst case can lead to the fact that no picture is displayed by the TV or beamer any more.

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audioquest Vodka HDMI Cable
289.00 €*
289.00 € / 1 Stück
audioquest Vodka HDMI Cable


HDMI Umschalter

Mit den HDMI Umschaltern können Sie mehrere digitale HD-Videoquellen mit einem HDMI- oder DVI-Anschluss Ihres Bildschirms verbinden und zwischen ihnen umschalten. Dank des integrierten Signalverstärkers sind auch große Kabellängen ohne Qualitätsverlust möglich. Modernste Elektronik gewährleistet die volle Unterstützung digitaler HDTV-Signale bis zu 1080p bei voller HDCP-Kompatibilität. Uneingeschränkter Heimkino Genuss in perfekter, preisgekrönter Qualität - ohne lästiges Umstöpseln!

HDMI Verstärker

HDMI Extender mit integriertem Signalverstärker vergrößern die Kabellänge zwischen Wiedergabegerät und Videoquelle auf bis zu 35 Meter. Kompromisslose Unterstützung aller HDTV-Auflösungen bis hin zu HDMI 1.3 bei 1080p (1920x1200).

audioquest - HDMI Cable

audioquest HDMI cable not only impresses with their excellent processing quality, but also with extremely low-loss data transmission and the resulting brilliant and sharp image quality. This cable quality allows audioquest to guarantee the full performance of its HDMI cables up to a cable length of 12m.

inakustik - HDMI Cable

HDMI cables from cable specialist in-akustik meet all current HDMI standards. The HDMI cables are developed and mainly manufactured in Germany by in-akustik. in-akustik HDMI cable are the ideal connection to connect your TV with the cable or satellite receiver or Blu-ray player.

All in-akustik HDMI cables are characterized by reliability and, as our practical experience shows, first-class picture quality according to your price class. An HDMI cable from inakustik is always an excellent choice when connecting an AV receiver and projector in a home theater. In short: in-akustik offers the right HDMI cable for every application at a super price/performance ratio.

Silent Wire - HDMI Cables

Silent Wire HDMI cables from Silent Wire meet every demand. No matter if you are looking for a affordable and reliable HDMI cable for connecting a simple monitor or if you need a High-End HDMI cable highest quality for absolutely lossless data transfer in your home cinema. Silent Wire has the right HDMI cable for you.

Monster Cable - HDMI Cables

Monster Cable's HDMI cables from the USA are among the best and most advanced A/V cables in the world for connecting high-end A/V components. A Monster HDMI cable allows you to achieve perfect picture and sound transmission. Monster Cable HDMI cables provide crisp images and brilliant sound quality in your home theater system.

Nordost HDMI Cables

Nordost HDMI Kabel zählen zu den Besten ihrer Klasse

Oehlbach - HDMI Cables

HDMI cable from Oehlbach in every price range here in the HDMI Kabel Shop

Van den Hul - HDMI Cables

HDMI cable from Van den Hul - the premium manufacturer for high-end audio/video cables from the Netherlands.