Coaxial Digital Cables - RCA, XLR

Coaxial digital cables for RCA + AES-EBU (XLR)

Coaxial Digital Cables - RCA, XLR

Coaxial digital cable in high quality, shielded version for the transmission of digital audio. These high-precision digital cables are the basis for best stage imaging, high resolution and an unadulterated reproduction of the music signal.



Oyaide Coax digital cable with 75 Ohm wave resistance for absolutely perfect and unadulterated signal transmission e. g. from CD player to D/A converter or Blu-Ray player to A/V receiver.


Coax Digital cables from audioquest impress with excellent manufacturing quality, a very noble look and feel. Their sound sets standards in every price class.

Horn Audiophiles

Coax digital cable from Horn Audiophiles for jitter-free transmission of the audio signal.


Coaxial digital audio cables from the High End HiFi accessory manufacturer Furutech guarantee best sound quality thanks to jitter-free signal transmission.


Coaxial digital cables "Made in Germany" from the cable specialist HMS Elektronik guarantee the best sound quality in every hi-fi system. All 75 Ohm HMS digital cables convince by high quality workmanship and practical suitability.


inakustik digital cables have an excellent price/performance ratio in addition to their excellent workmanship and sound quality


Northeast digital cables are manufactured strictly according to the technical standards for the secure transmission of digital data streams. This is particularly dependent on achieving an exact impedance within the transmission chain. The S/PDIF transmission standard requires a 75 ohm coaxial cable, but it is surprising how few cables meet this specification.

Silent Wire

You can buy Silent Wire digital cables safely and reliably here in the shop of - your Silent Wire authorised dealer. We ship all digital cables throughout Europe. Take advantage of our inexpensive shipping service for Silent Wire digital cables.

Van den Hul

Digitalkabel von Van den Hul - zum Teil ausgestattet mit der Linear Structured Carbon ® Technologie (metallfreie Leiter) für eine störungsfreie Übertragung des Audiosignals

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