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    Siltech has been developing audio products since 1983 with the aim of reproducing music as naturally and realistically as possible. Therefore, every Siltech audio cable is a real enrichment for your hi-fi system.

      • Siltech Explorer 90 i Cinchkabel
      • Siltech Explorer 90 i Cinchkabel

      • € 355.81*
      • Siltech Explorer 180 i Cinchkabel
      • Siltech Explorer 180 i Cinchkabel

      • € 415.31*
  • connection to perfection
    In 1983, a company was founded in the Netherlands to become one of the world's most renowned manufacturers of audio products: Siltech.

    Intensive research and test programmes have been carried out from the outset with only one goal in mind: to produce high-quality cables for audio and video systems. The results did not go unnoticed. Since 1990, Siltech cables have been rated as top products by renowned audio magazines. Today, Siltech products are sold in more than 40 countries around the world. And Siltech's researchers are constantly achieving further progressing results. For example, the development of the generation ThreeTM & FiveTM metallurgy (a silver and gold alloy with high conductivity) has led to a much better understanding of small signal conductivity. With each new Siltech product, the goal is to be able to reproduce music as realistically as possible. Siltech has a passion for perfection.

    Siltech Development
    The development is based on high-tech metallurgy, special insulation materials and technically high-quality constructions. The Classic series makes use of the classic Siltech invention: Gold functions as a filler material between the silver crystals, a metallic phenomenon that Siltech uses. The new Classic series is based on the fifth generation of Siltech Metallurgy and is therefore called G5. G5 holds the record for lowest distortion on audio cables. Research in the field of magnetic field technology led to the development of Siltech X-Balanced Micro technology, resulting in a truly "quiet" cable. Siltech uses precise micro-technology for this purpose. Cables are strongly influenced by electromagnetic interference, a rapidly growing danger in a technological world full of transformers, mobile phones, computers or other electronics. Siltech's new Classic Cables are up to 10,000 times "quieter" - or in other words, more interference-free than other products from renowned cable manufacturers.
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