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  • MUNDORF zendo Cable / NF Audio Cable

    MUNDORF zendo

    Listening tests with PTFE insulated single wires like the Mundorf zendo audio cables quickly showed that silver/gold is also superior as audio cable. Tonal purity, fine elegance and vividly natural dynamics distinguish this exquisite material.

      • Mundorf zendo cable SGW605 NF-Kabel Meterware
      • Mundorf zendo cable SGW605 (yard goods)

      • € 179.80*
  • The cosy use of Mundorf zendo cinch cables from the signal source to the preamplifier and from here to the output stage and finally with a Mundorf zendo loudspeaker cable to the loudspeakers results in an outstanding sound experience.

    Your favourite music will not be lacking - because of Mundorf zendo cable in silver/gold. Voices and instruments unfold their typical tonal colours in a wide range of tonal nuances.

    Fascinatingly vivid, the music opens up to the listener's ear and spirit completely detached from the music system as a sharp, self-imposed image.
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