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    Kimber Kable

    KIMBER KABLE recognized early on that the analog cable, such as cinch cables as a link between different sources, is a critical factor in every musical chain or home cinema system. This is due to the fact that more than 50% of the information transported in this way can be lost due to negative and external influences during the transmission of the music signal. This results in a loss of fundamental and detailed information with the effect that the human ear perceives a limited spatial representation and the unnatural reproduction of instruments and voices. Even the best loudspeaker at the end of the chain can no longer compensate for this loss of information.

    This connection is very easy to experience when a standard cable is exchanged for the cheapest RCA cable KIMBER KABLE PBJ and the music system sounds like it has been transformed. A turning away from the belief that NF-cable is like NF-cable becomes inevitable after that.

      • Kimber Kable PBJ
      • Kimber Kable PBJ

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