Ferrite core coils with self bonding wire

Mundorf Ferrit-Rollenkern-Spulen mit Backlackdraht

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With ferrite core coils, large inductors can be realized at low cost. They are used as low-cost bass coils and in oscillating circuits and equalizer networks. The manufacturer Mundorf advises against using them in the medium and high frequency range.

With the new HP 3616 high-performance ferrite material, Mundorf is meeting the demands of many users for an inexpensive and at the same time highly resilient ferrite material. The mechanical advantages of these relatively small coils are obvious. However, it was only with the new HP 3616 material that Mundorf decided to include a ferrite core in its product range. In terms of load capacity, this material, which is manufactured in Germany, differs significantly from the frequently used, inexpensive Far East cores. The HP series combines favourable electrical and mechanical data with relatively low unit costs.

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