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  • Phonosophie New Living (Phonosophie)

    Phonosophie New Living

    With Phonosophie New Living, the focus is not on the suppression and reduction of electrosmog in electrical devices, but the protection of the human being itself from the radiation emitted by electrical devices.

    For this purpose, Phonosophie in cooperation with Mr. Norbert Maurer of Vortex HiFi developed the Phonosophie New Living concept. This includes products that people wear on their own bodies or place in their immediate surroundings. For example, the very effective Phonosophie New Living Donut - an energy near field of rock crystal that is worn directly on a necklace on the body and on which special information of various precious and semi-precious stones has been permanently applied to relieve stress on the human nervous system. This product range is constantly being supplemented by the numerous other innovative Phonosophie NL products, which ensure more well-being in everyday life.

      • Phonosophie New Living Energie-Nahfeld Bergkristall
      • Phonosophie New Living Energie-Nahfeld Bergkristall

      • € 250.00*
      • Phonosophie New Living Bracelet
      • Phonosophie New Living Bracelet

      • € 49.00*
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