Vortex 2D interference suppression chips

Vortex 2D interference suppression chips (Vortex HiFi)

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The Vortex HiFi Chips work with the medical technology, information technology. Information is the basic principle of homeopathic medicine. A material receives a special structural (information) that allows both physical and biological processes to take place naturally again - such as hearing, for example.

The Vortex HiFi Chips use a unique 2D technology from PHONOSOPHIE under license. This PHONOSOPHY 2D technology, tried and tested a thousand times over, is the best available on the market and gives the Vortex HiFi 2D interference suppression chips a unique price/performance ratio.


Vortex HiFi Power Optimizer

POWER OPTIMIZER with bioligically optimized bandwidth (BOB) for a healthier room climate. BOB means that these filters eliminate disturbances above 4000 Hz up to the GHz range as far as possible from the mains supply at home and thus relieve stress on our human nervous system.

Vortex HiFi A.I.O. Produkte

The Vortex HiFi A. I. O. Products work with the concept of information originating in medicine. Here a Vortex HiFi own revolutionary all-in-one concept is used. In addition to all-in-one information, a new type of bipolar field is applied to a semi-precious stone. This field is able to distribute the information and thus increase the effect extraordinarily.

They are used to reduce interference fields without damaging filters, without any acoustic interference or signal changes. Its effect against harmful potential vortices, also helps to relieve stress in humans and serves to intensify the effect of interference suppression and stress reduction.

Vortex 2D-Entstör-Chips
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Vortex 2D-Entstör-Chips
Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter
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139.90 € / 1 Stück
Stetzerizer Microsurge Meter