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  • Vortex 2D-Entstör-Chips (Vortex HiFi)

    Vortex 2D-Entstör-Chips

    The Vortex HiFi Chips work with the medical technology, information technology. Information is the basic principle of homeopathic medicine. A material receives a special structural (information) that allows both physical and biological processes to take place naturally again - such as hearing, for example.

    The Vortex HiFi Chips use a unique 2D technology from PHONOSOPHIE under license. This PHONOSOPHY 2D technology, tried and tested a thousand times over, is the best available on the market and gives the Vortex HiFi 2D interference suppression chips a unique price/performance ratio.

      • Vortex 2D-Entstör-Chips
      • Vortex 2D-Entstör-Chips

      • € 21.00*
  • Why should you use Vortex 2D interference suppression chips to suppress your HiFi system?

    • Extremely inexpensive interference suppression method
    • Easy to mount anywhere
    • Unconspicuous use! Colours black or transparent. Can also be used on glass panes.
    • extremely flexible use. Available from extremely small (6mm) to large (40mm). Also suitable for displays of mobile devices.
    • Extremely light, can also suppress membranes and data carriers such as CD?s and DVD?s.
    • Can be used on IC?s. Works without aluminium/metal foil and thus does not reflect heat and electromagnetic fields.
    • Can be used on antennas.
    • Measuring effect verification
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