Trafokernspule mit Kern 84 aus FERON ®

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Mundorf transformer core coil with core 84 made of FERON ®

For the production of our transformer core coils t84 to t150, only the particularly low-loss and low-distortion FERON© is used as core material. This is grain-oriented silicon iron with a sheet thickness of 0.35 mm. This high-quality starting material is subsequently heat treated in a special process. In this way, distortions in the crystal lattice structure of the material, which occur during rolling and punching, are eliminated. This gives FERON© a crystal lattice structure with optimal magnetic properties. This type of core material is used to manufacture high-quality audio transformers.

In "ordinary" transformers FERON© is only very rarely used, for example when very low power dissipation is required. The correct designation would therefore be "transformer core coil". In this design, coils with very low internal resistances and extreme load capacity can be manufactured. These are the prerequisites for a precise low bass. The ratios of inductance to internal resistance that can be achieved here can often not be achieved with pure air-core coils at all or only with considerably higher financial outlay. The vacuum impregnation described in detail at the end of the chapter on zero-ohm coils is recommended without reservation for transformer core coils as a supplementary measure due to their high quality.

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