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  • System Audio Loudspeakers (Loudspeaker)

    System Audio Lautsprecher

    System Audio Speakers - Slim, fast and incredibly musical. Probably the most suitable loudspeakers for living rooms.

  • System Audio Loudspeakers: The History

    It was 1984. At that time, speakers had to be gigantic and technically complex. And it was in 1984, when System Audio introduced its first speaker. The press was surprised and wrote:"This speaker sets new standards. But this speaker was not like all the others, it was a compact speaker with big sound. A loudspeaker that was created out of the fascination for music and not out of enthusiasm for technology. A loudspeaker that showed a new path.

    System Audio: Loudspeaker with soul

    It was Ole Witthøft who founded System Audio-A/S in 1984. For a long time he had been looking for really good speakers for himself. As a musician he knew how music should sound. Ole explains:"There were no speakers that could reproduce music " live". Most speakers sounded boring. If you don't listen to the details of the music, if no emotions are aroused because the reproduction is too bad, then you will never know how exciting music can be. I wondered why speakers usually compete with technical specifications, but the sound is the deciding factor."

    Every year we invest a lot of money in product development to ensure that our speakers keep breaking new ground for even better sound. Our products are sold worldwide and have won thousands of fans who appreciate outstanding sound - including many musicians, record companies and TV stations.

    All this because there is an audible difference between our loudspeakers and those of other manufacturers. System Audio loudspeakers are a clear alternative to anonymous plasic boxes produced for economic reasons and not to create exciting acoustic experiences.

    The difference is clear to every ear.
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