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  • Keces P8 Dual DC - The linear transformer power supply for high-end power supply with DC voltage

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    Keces P8 Dual DC linear transformer power supply

    The Keces P8 Dual Transformer Power Supply has 2 output sockets each where you can tap an absolutely linear and clean DC voltage. The use of a Keces P8 Dual DC toroidal transformer power supply is the fundamental basis for a natural sound image.

    You're probably wondering why?

    The reason for this is the high-frequency interferences which are harmful to the sound and which are generated by a switching power supply supplied with many devices for rectifying and transforming the voltage from 230 V AC to the required DC voltage. These disturbances (electrosmog/dirty power) are then released back into the power grid or radiated directly, thereby influencing our nervous system. Therefore you should not only replace switching power supplies of HiFi components by a Keces power supply with Rinkerntrafo, but also all switching power supplies of chargers, lamps or other electrical components. In this way you reduce electrosmog in your household significantly and produce a much more natural and homogeneous sound.

    The advantages of the Keces P8 Dual DC Rink Core Power Supply

    • High-quality toroidal transformers deliver pure power.
    • Separate ground for each output rail.
    • Extremely low ripple noise.
    • No humming or humming at 50Hz and peak load.
    • Two outputs provide up to 4A each.
    • Overtemperature protection (OTP).
    • The 4 mm thick aluminum housing is effective in preventing EMI/RFI interference.

    Technical Data for Keces P8 Dual DC Rink Core Power Supply

    4 Version with different output voltages on the two outputs:
    Version P8-1: 5V/7V + 9V/12V with 5V USB output
    Version P8-2: 9V/12V + 12V/15V with 5V USB output
    Version P8-3: 9V/12V + 18V/19V with 5V USB output
    Version P8-4: 9V/12V + 20V/24V with 5V USB output

    DC connection:
    2.5mm socket

    AC input voltage:
    110V-120V, 60Hz / 220V-240V, 50Hz (switchable).

    Power consumption:
    200Watt (full load power)

    4 mm aluminium

    Dimension (WxDxH):

    6 KG

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    If the delivery is made to an address within the EU and is then transported by you to a non-EU country, we originally needed the invoice stamped by the customs office. Please send them to us by post, so that VAT can be refunded.

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