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  • Phasing out your hi-fi equipment (Ratgeber)

    • The correct phasing out of the devices is one of the most important basic settings for your hi-fi system.

      And this is how you determine the correct polarity of the power strip, power filter and power cord:

      Important: This procedure only works for devices that are not earthed, i. e. have only a neutral and phase line, but not a protective conductor. If your component has a protective conductor, you always get the same measurement result. In this case, you must mask the ground contacts in the socket strip or plug, then proceed as described above. After the test, it is essential to remove the insulating tape!

      To determine the phase of the phase, you need:
      Phase tester, digital voltmeter and adhesive dots or nail varnish to mark the phase on wall socket, power strip and power cord
      If this seems to be too technical or if you don't have the necessary equipment, you can also use the Phase tester from Oehlbach. Unfortunately, this does not work on all devices.


    How to phasing out your hi-fi equipment:

    1. Determine the phase at the socket in which the HiFi mains strip is plugged in, with the phase tester and mark the side of the phase with a dot. Insert the plug of your power strip and mark the phase on the plug with a dot so that it matches the marking on the socket.
    2. Pull out all the cables (power, RCA/XLR and antenna cables) on the device to be tested and connect your power cord to the device.
    3. Plug the power plug of the first device into the power strip and switch on the device. Set a measuring range of 100 VAC on the voltmeter. Now measure the voltage between the protective earth contact of a free socket, its connector strip and the ground of the device (e. g. external earth of a cinch socket). Decrease the measuring range on the voltmeter until you get a usable display. Note the measured voltage value (e. g. 78 mV).
    4. Turn the plug of the device cable by 180 degrees and measure the applied voltage again (e. g. 264 mV). The polarity of the plug that delivers the lower measured value is the correct one in terms of sound.
    5. Mark the mains plug with an adhesive point or nail varnish on the side on which the point (phase) of the connector strip is also located.
    6. Repeat the points 3.) to 5.) with the other equipment in your system.
    7. Reconnect the cables.

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