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  • DALI Phantom H-60 wall-mounting Hi-Fi loudspeaker

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    DALI Phantom H-60 Wall-mounted loudspeaker - square

    DALI''s PHANTOM H series comprises four Wall mounted loudspeakers based on traditional chassis technologies. With their reddish shimmering cellulose and wood fibre membranes, the bass/midrange drivers are immediately recognisable as DALI drivers. This lightweight material mix gives the cone a particularly stable and uneven structure, which allows it to reproduce even the finest musical details perfectly. A powerful, low-loss magnet system ensures precise and impulsive bass reproduction, while an extremely light fabric dome tweeter reproduces high frequencies with excellent resolution. The result is a very balanced, detailed and natural sound image. Since the PHANTOM H Series loudspeakers transmit the entire frequency spectrum, no additional subwoofer is required.

    The PHANTOM H-80 has a lush 200 mm bass/midrange driver and delivers an extremely voluminous and powerful bass response from a 30x30 cm installation opening in the ceiling or wall. The 28 mm dome tweeter takes over the radiation of all frequencies above 1.900 Hertz.

    DALI''s PHANTOM H-60 not only combines compact dimensions with outstanding acoustic performance, it also translates the benefits of a traditional cabinet speaker into wall and ceiling installation. The drivers of the two-way system are fixed in a sturdy baffle made of solid MDF to save space. This means that the chassis has solid working conditions and is free of disturbing vibrations. In addition, the robust construction ensures optimal integration into the wall or ceiling.

    The PHANTOM H-80 can be mounted in just a few easy steps: The completely redesigned baffle plate is thicker towards the outer edges, making it tighter and more secure in the mounting surface. This construction also contributes to a better stability of the whole speaker. The PHANTOM H-60 is fixed by swivelling clamps, which can be securely locked with a screwdriver from the baffle and can be used on a mounting surface up to 70 mm thick.

    The crossover has been specially designed for the PHANTOM H-60 and consists of selected components that meet the highest audiophile requirements.

    All PHANTOM H-Series models have a protective circuit. This protects the drivers from possible overloading when the speakers are playing at very high volume for a long time. Since built-in loudspeakers are often installed in such a way that they should not only be used in the room in which they are installed, the PHANTOM H-80 is also well secured in this way if, for example, the receiver in the next room turns up the volume for a short period of time and the loudspeakers would be damaged without school switching. The protective circuit acts like a fuse when a too high current flows.

    The cabling of the speaker drivers is designed and fastened in such a way that all connections are held securely and no disturbing noise can be generated. And since the terminals are placed directly on the crossover board, the signal path is kept as short as possible. Spring terminals ensure a secure and durable connection to the speaker cable.

    The fabric tweeter of the H-60 makes a major contribution to the typical silky-soft and well-dissolving DALI sound, while the magnet system, driven by a ferrite magnet, is exceptionally strong and reduces the heat generated by the voice coil quickly and reliably. In combination with the extremely lightweight 28 mm fabric cone, the tweeter is capable of reproducing high frequencies up to the 25,000 Hertz limit with extreme precision and impressive detail.

    The optimum placement of the tweeter in the baffle was chosen after numerous measurements and listening comparisons. Mounted directly next to the midrange driver, the beam angle of the dome was particularly wide and the discolouration was minimal - in addition, the three drivers could be optimally matched to each other in this constellation.

    A real hi-fi loudspeaker should produce a credible stereo panorama from the audio signals delivered by the amplifier, reproduce even the finest details and be able to radiate the entire frequency spectrum as colorlessly as possible. The elaborately designed DALI bass/midrange driver of the PHANTOM H-60 fulfils these and many other requirements with flying colours: its extremely rigid and at the same time lightweight 165 mm membrane made of the paper/wood fibre mixture typical of DALI lays the foundation for the outstanding resolution in the midrange range and the precise and wide-ranging bass.

    The reddish shimmering membrane is surrounded by a particularly flexible and low-loss rubber bead, whereby both the bead and the spider fixing the inner part of the membrane are designed for the largest possible stroke. In addition, a powerful magnetic drive guarantees excellent transient response, so that the diaphragm itself can follow fast impulses in the audio signal synchronously. A powerful double magnet ensures a high magnetic flux density, a large voice coil ensures a very high load capacity.

    All DALI loudspeakers are designed according to the principle of the widest possible angle of radiation. This is because not only should the listeners experience a distinctive stereo panorama in the middle opposite the speakers, as is customary with many other loudspeakers, but also those persons who are located at the side or farther back in the listening room. This approach is particularly suitable for use in conjunction with speakers integrated flush with the ceiling or wall. This ensures that DALI''s PHANTOM series ensures that music, speech and film soundtracks are reproduced in a way that is easy to understand and spatially accurate, regardless of the position of the listener in the entire room.

    DALI Phantom H-60 in-wall loudspeakers Specification:
    • Frequency range (+/- 3 dB): 51 - 25,000 Hz
    • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 89 dB
    • Nominal impedance: 6 Ohm
    • Maximum sound pressure level: 107 dB
    • Recommended amplifier power: 30 - 150 W
    • crossover frequencies: 1900 Hz
    • Tweeter Ø: 28 mm
    • Tweeter, type of cone: fabric dome tweeter
    • bass-midrange driver Ø: 165 mm
    • Woofer-midrange driver, type of cone: wood fibre cone
    • Housing type: open to the rear
    • Inputs: two screw terminals
    • Recommended installation: recessed wall or ceiling mounting
    • Housing dimensions (HxWxD): 300 x 300 x 100 mm
    • Installation dimension: 264 x 264 mm
    • Weight: 2,6 kg
    • Recommended volume: 10 - 35 l
    • Accessories: 3 mm Allen key, cut-out template, logo badge, operating instructions

    Wall Speakers with High-End Demand - The Dali Phantom Built-in Speakers of the H-Series

    Traditional loudspeaker technologies
    The High End built-in loudspeakers of the PHANTOM series offer a sounding HiFi reproduction that is in no way inferior to that of classic loudspeakers. Our wood fibre cones, high density MDF panels and high performance woofers and tweeters are also used in DALI''s bookshelf and floorstanding cabinets.

    Wide-angle emission
    All DALI loudspeakers are designed for the widest possible angle of sound radiation. This ensures that an optimal listening experience is not only possible at the listening position right in the middle of the speakers.

    wooden fibre membranes
    A mixture of paper and wood fibres allows for particularly stiff and light membranes, resulting in an exceptionally detailed sound image.

    Easy installation
    The mounting loudspeakers can be fixed reliably and permanently with just a few simple steps by means of special swivelling mounting brackets.

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